Sanctions Screening

Global Sanctions & Compliance Screening

Sanctions Screening

Global Sanctions & Compliance Screening

Effectively Manage Global Payments Compliance & Sanctions Screening

TIS’ sanction screening solution serves as a digital safety net to keep enterprises compliant with all relevant mandates. We provide a flexible yet centralized platform for managing global payment screening and compliance case management, with real-time updates and adherence to all relevant watch lists (e.g. OFAC, UN, EU) as well as customizable safelists and blocklists. This is in addition to customizable screening workflows to reduce false positives.

As TIS manages payment compliance and security on behalf of our clients, we provide an automated, real-time workflow for personnel to review alerts, address issue resolutions, and systematically monitor all user activity within the platform. Our workflow compliance capabilities also help clients track critical information related to whether there are any outstanding compliance or security issues tied to specific accounts or beneficiaries within their global vendor, partner, and entity networks.

OFAC, EU, & UN Sanctions Adherence

TIS maintains 24/7 adherence to OFAC, EU, and UN sanctions lists for all clients that leverage the solution on all applicable payments that pass through TIS for transmission to banks.

Covers Payments Generated in Other Platforms

Any payment that passes through TIS, including those generated through an ERP, TMS, or other back-office system, can be screened before transmission to the bank.

Customizable Safelists & Blocklists

TIS clients have the opportunity to create their own custom lists of beneficiaries to automatically block or automatically accept, based on the structure of their payments and compliance protocols.

24/7 Automated Monitoring

TIS provides 24/7, real-time monitoring of payments against all relevant sanctions lists, including OFAC / EU / UN lists as well as customizable lists, with alerts sent to designated parties to address any issues.

Simplified Resolution Management

Any alerts generated by TIS for potentially non-compliant payments are immediately delivered to designated organizational users for fast and effective issue resolution.

Global Payments Coverage & Scope

The compliance and sanctions screening solutions by TIS are global in scope and scan all client outbound payments before instructions are delivered to the bank for execution.

Award-Winning Compliance & Security Management Capabilities

TIS’ payment compliance and security solutions are actively leveraged by numerous Fortune 500 companies, many of whom have been recognized through recent industry awards for having transformed the workflows used by treasury and finance teams to track, control, and monitor their payments, financial data, and corresponding systems.


The Imperial Logistics Project

With its new payments platform, Imperial Logistics can monitor all firm-wide signatory rights and payments, stopping fraud and compliance risks before they occur.


The Swissgrid Project

Swissgrid chooses TIS as a future-proof payment solution with the highest standards in security and compliance.


The NTT Security Project

Eliminating manual payments means increased productivity at NTT Security. Its new scalable payments platform supports the company’s growth strategy best.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about our compliance and sanctions screening solutions.

The TIS team regularly fields questions from CFOs, treasury, and finance practitioners regarding the use of our compliance and sanctions screening solutions. More information about components related to hosting, configuration, setup, reporting, integrations, and more are covered in the FAQs below. We encourage you to contact our team with any additional questions to ensure you understand exactly how our solution can be applied in your unique environment.

Any B2B or treasury payment initiated by an organization that passes through TIS on its way to the bank can be screened by our solution. For payments generated in an ERP or TMS, integrating these solutions with TIS enables quick and effective screening of instructions before they are sent to the bank for execution.

Yes, provided that the entity or subsidiary payments are passing through TIS before the are transmitted to the bank, then TIS can screen them and provide full coverage with regards to relevant sanctions mandates including OFAC, EU, UN, or customizable lists.

TIS sanctions lists are updated daily directly within our platform in accordance with relevant protocols set forth by OFAC, the UN / EU, and other relevant regulatory bodies. No work is required by clients to maintain these lists, but clients must update their own customizable lists as dictated by their company to ensure the relevant information is captured in the TIS platform for screening.

The sanctions coverage provided by TIS is global in scope. Please schedule a time to talk with one of our experts if you have concerns related to the extent of coverage provided by our solution, or if you would like to learn more about the scope of services offered.

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