Workflows & Approvals

Secure, Flexible, & Customizable Payment Approval Workflows

Workflows & Approvals

Secure, Flexible, & Customizable Payment Approval Workflows

Structure Payment Approvals & Workflows to Match Your Company’s Exact Requirements

TIS provides flexible and customizable workflows for clients to structure their payment approvals exactly as they’d prefer. This includes supporting the pass-through of payment instructions from ERPs and TMSs, as well as the delineation of user authorizations directly within TIS for managing specific steps in the process.

Admins can add as many signers and approval designations as needed and may also create custom workflows to manage payment authorizations from specific systems and entities, or for certain payment amounts. Applicable users can also gain complete transparency into the status of payments throughout their lifecycle, including whether any potentially fraudulent or non-compliant data is identified.

Add as Many Users & User Groups as Necessary

Admins can specify which users have authority to manage various payment approvals and which users can execute certain payments. As many users and user groups can be added as necessary to support company policies.

Full Back-Office Integration for ERP & TMS Automation

Approvals can be structured to facilitate straight-through-processing from ERPs, TMSs, and AP or other payment systems for direct execution within TIS.

Customizable Approval & Signer Workflows

Customize workflows and approvals for specific users, payments, entities, banks, etc. This includes customization for certain payment amounts or thresholds.

Multi-Approval & Multi-Signer Setups Supported

Add as many signers and approvals as necessary to support company policies and procedures. Any configuration from zero approval to “n-eyes” approval is possible.

Streamlined Alert & Resolution Management

TIS provides automated workflows for authorized users to review payment alerts, address issue resolutions, and systematically monitor payments activity within the platform.

Support Industry-Leading Payment Security Standards

Leverage TIS’ innovative inventory audit features for improved security and monitoring over global system / user actions, payment workflows, and associated data handling.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about our payment approval & workflow capabilities

The TIS team regularly fields questions from CFOs, treasury, and finance practitioners regarding the use of our payment approval and workflow capabilities. More information about components related to hosting, configuration, setup, reporting, integrations, and more are covered in the FAQs below. We encourage you to contact our team with any additional questions to ensure you understand exactly how our solution can be applied in your unique environment.

No, there are no limits. Organizations can add as many users and user groups as necessary to support their payment process and the associated approval and signer workflows. This includes adding unique users or groups to manage specific entities, bank accounts, payment thresholds, and more. Each user and user group can have their specific authorization within the platform customized and monitored by admins.

Yes, TIS can be easily integrated with various ERPs and TMSs to support the pass-through of payments and approvals. Approvals can be supported from an ERP or TMS, managed directly in TIS, or configured to leverage a combination of both options.

Yes, user groups can be configured for individual entities, regions, bank relationships, payment thresholds, and many other options.

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