Scaling Companies

Treasury & Finance Solutions for Rapidly Scaling Companies

Scaling Companies

Treasury & Finance Solutions for Rapidly Scaling Companies

Treasury Teams at Rapidly Growing Companies Face Complex Challenges

As rapidly growing companies look to upgrade their technology, banking, and payment structure, it’s common for treasury teams that have been relying on Excel spreadsheets and e-banking portals to begin considering the addition of a more specialized solution. However, one of the more frustrating realities about the treasury technology landscape is that many market solutions are too bulky, complex, or expensive to be an effective option for certain teams. Moreover, many of these products do not offer flexible or scalable solutions that give organizations the ability to easily implement new features or expand the use of their systems over time.

TIS Offers a Scalable & Affordable Treasury Solution to Manage Cashflow, Liquidity, & Payments

With TIS’ cloud-based solution, scaling treasury groups receive a tailored and streamlined offering for enhancing their core cash forecasting, liquidity, banking, and payment operations without having to adopt features that are unnecessary or redundant. With our innovative SaaS model and service structure, organizations can choose the exact level and scope of capabilities they require at any point in their maturity or growth lifecycle and can easily add or remove modules as their operational needs evolve.

What are the Main Efficiencies that TIS Provides?

By streamlining connectivity between an organization’s back-office systems and their worldwide banks, vendors, and business partners, TIS enables users to achieve superior performance in key areas of their business. Depending on their needs, solutions can be configured for optimizing cash positioning, cash forecasting, working capital, bank connectivity, outbound payments, financial messaging, fraud prevention, payment compliance, and more.

Real-Time Global Cash Insights

TIS can integrate and connect with your organization’s global banks, accounts, entities, and back-office systems to provide global, 360-degree cash insights through a unified workflow and interface.

Total Bank Connectivity & Financial Messaging

TIS offers connectivity to more than 11,000 banking options worldwide via API, SFTP, SWIFT, EBICS, and more. This includes full support for various financial messaging standards and information reporting workflows.

Intuitive Cash Flow Forecasting

TIS aggregates global cash, banking, and payments data in our system and supplements it with forward-looking AP, procurement, and sales data to provide a comprehensive evaluation of anticipated short and long-term cash positions.

End-to-End Payment Approvals & Execution

TIS provides flexible and customizable workflows for clients to structure their payment approvals, including support for pass-through of payment instructions from ERPs and TMSs, as well as the delineation of user authorizations directly within TIS.

A Single Source of Truth for Bank Account Data

TIS serves as a global library for all client bank account data and associated beneficiary, address, and signer details. Client can also track their open and closed accounts, assign and manage signers over specific accounts, and more!

Secure & Compliant System Workflows

TIS provides a comprehensive set of tools for clients to address global payments and financial data compliance, sanctions screening, fraud prevention, and overall security.

Award-Winning Treasury & Finance Teams Rely on TIS Every Day

TIS bank account management solutions are actively leveraged by numerous Fortune 500 companies, many of whom have been recognized through recent industry awards for having transformed the workflows used by treasury and finance teams to track, control, and monitor their bank account data and information.


The TeamViewer Project

This success story showcases the award-winning technology transformation achieved by TeamViewer and their small 2-person treasury team. Project highlights include 96%+ daily cash visibility and 90%+ global payments automation.


The IFAW Project

The following summary of IFAW’s treasury technology project is based on their award-winning submission to the 2022 Alexander Hamilton Awards, where they won 1st place in the “Restricted & Emerging Markets” category.


The Archroma Project

Archroma’s treasury team uses TIS as a direct replacement of their formerly disparate setup consisting of 15+ e-banking tools in order to maintain maximum levels of payments automation and reporting visibility.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Our Product & Solution Suite

The TIS team regularly fields questions from thousands of CFOs, treasury, and finance practitioners every year regarding the use of our bank account management solution and the benefits and advantages it brings. More information about components related to hosting, configuration, setup, reporting, integrations, and more are covered in the FAQs below. We encourage you to contact our team with any additional questions to ensure you understand exactly how our solution can be applied in your unique environment.

Transparency & Speed Delivered Through an Open, Connected Ecosystem

With more than a decade of innovation in outbound payment optimization, TIS is uniquely positioned to deliver rapid connectivity across global bank accounts and ERP systems. Our cloud architecture and open API platform accelerates connectivity – creating a seamless payment optimization layer across departments, vendors, payment systems, bank accounts, geographies and currencies. The result: global cash flow insights on demand.


Multinational clients across all industries.


Countries where payments are actively managed in.


Managed in annual payment volume.


Connected client bank accounts.


In daily client cash positions tracked through the platform.


Global bank connectivity options.

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