Cloud Technology That Powers Global Payments & Cashflows


Cloud Technology That Powers Global Payments & Cashflows

Drive End-to-End Cashflow & Payment Efficiency Through a Scalable Cloud Platform

If you are a global organization with multiple vendors, entities, banks, and back-office systems, then it is likely that siloed payments and cashflow processes, disparate data sources, and a lack of technology automation pose a threat to your success.

The award-winning TIS cloud platform is designed specifically for global enterprises, delivering greater visibility, control, and automation across global payments and cashflow functions. We help our clients reimagine their world of digital financial systems and enabled them to transform into more agile, competitive organizations.

Powered by the cloud, APIs, and best-of-breed technologies, the TIS technology platform serves as the foundation for an open, efficient global payments and cashflow ecosystem.


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Cloud Technology as the Foundation

Because the TIS platform leverages AWS, it benefits from the power of true Cloud technology – delivering the ultimate in scalability and interoperability. On-demand access to critical applications, such as bank account managementfraud prevention and payee screening, are native to the TIS platform. In addition, the open architecture of the platform gives corporations and banks gain access to a growing ecosystem of API-enabled, best-of-breed applications. Access to this ecosystem helps organizations reduce the complexity and chaos of global payments processes, facilitate knowledge sharing and simplify system management. That’s digital transformation at its best.

APIs That Enable Seamless Connectivity

Connecting with vendors and partners on the TIS payments platform is as simple as connecting to open APIs. Ecosystem partners can build applications using cataloged APIs and populate them with data from the shared platform. The TIS platform empowers global organizations to leverage a growing set of best-of-breed applications to transform global payment processes for improved cash flow visibility and liquidity management.

Best-of-Breed Technologies Extend the Platform

The TIS platform enables alignment across best-of-breed technologies to create an agile outbound payments ecosystem that is unique to your organization, partners and needs. Fully leveraging this ecosystem through TIS can put you on the path toward true enterprise payment optimization.

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