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Payments are the centerpiece of cash flows — the lifeblood of your business.

Most companies have invested heavily in streamlining inbound payments in an effort to accelerate cash inflows. But, most corporations have done little to optimize outbound payments. Leaving each function, system and geography siloed, with no clear insight into cash flows or a holistic view of liquidity – putting the business at risk.
Inbound Cash
Outbound Payments

Enter TIS.

Our award-winning cloud platform helps global organizations accelerate global connectivity across banks, systems and providers. By closing gaps in your enterprise payment processes, data and network, the TIS platform helps businesses:

Break down silos across functions, systems and geographies

Gain real-time insights into cash flows and liquidity

Reduce risk and fraud exposure

Improve operational efficiency

… and ultimately achieve Enterprise Payment Optimization (EPO).

TIS helps organizations automate five key outbound payments capabilities and enables a
continuous improvement lifecycle …

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lower risk and effectively manage your global cash flows

Accelerate global connectivity across banks, systems and service providers. Learn more

Enable seamless collaboration across departments, vendors and banks Learn more

Execute secure payment transactions worldwide from a single dashboard Learn more

Monitor, manage and analyze bank accounts, compliance, cash flows and payees Learn more

Better manage liquidity, lower risk and improve payment processes Learn more

  • Connect
  • Collaborate
  • Pay
  • Analyze
  • Improve

… putting them on the path to Enterprise Payment Optimization (EPO).

Enterprise Payment Optimization

Companies often struggle with disparate systems, multiple data sources and lack of visibilty across their global payment network. TIS has developed a best practices maturity model that aligns with our outbound payments technology platform to help clients achieve Enterprise Payment Optimization.

Decreasing uncertainty, inefficiency and reactivity


Siloed processes, people, systems and data.

Enable Manageability


Alignment of systems and data with documented payment processes

Enable Collaboration


Shared systems and data enable payment process efficiency and collaboration across departments



Seamless payments ecosystem enables agility and liquidity for strategic advantage

Increasing visibility, efficiency and innovation

The Global Leader in Optimizing Outbound Payments

Founded in 2010 as Treasury Intelligence Solutions, we're realizing a vision of a fully connected world of payments. Now as TIS, we've expanded beyond treasury, serving a global community of market leaders that are leveraging our expertise and innovative technology to future-proof outbound payments function.

Trusted by Leading Corporations Worldwide

Our strategic partners and client successes span the globe. Here are just a few of the international brands we serve.

Why TIS?


serving as the hub

for your global
enterprise payment network


breaking down silos

across people, processes, data and clients


delivering efficiency,

agility and transparency


Corporate clients
across all industries


experts spread
across the US and Europe


where payments are initiated

Want to know more? Explore TIS and start optimizing
your outbound payments.

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