CashOptix & PayOptix

Introducing TIS CashOptix & PayOptix

CashOptix & PayOptix

Introducing TIS CashOptix & PayOptix

Cloud-Based Liquidity, Payments, Security, & Compliance Tools

TIS classifies the unique capabilities we offer clients into two categories: CashOptix and PayOptix. Together, these cloud-based suites provide organizations of all industries and sizes with superior functionality to address critical cash management, forecasting, working capital, payments, banking, security, and compliance needs. Capabilities can be tailored to match the exact needs of clients in specific industries or with unique geographic footprints, revenue tiers, and company structures. Learn more about the advantages of each tier below.

The TIS Cloud Platform CashOptix & PayOptix Solution Overview

CashOptix Suite

CashOptix includes an end-to-end suite of liquidity, bank account management, and cash forecasting solutions. These capabilities are focused on providing organizations with 360-degree visibility and control over their global cash positions, bank account structures, and working capital metrics.

Bank Account Mgmt

Track and control all bank account information and beneficiary data across your global network, easily manage signers over accounts, and optimize bank reporting.

Bank Statement Mgmt

TIS enables fast and accurate collection and aggregation of global bank statements in any format for seamless processing to and from the back-office.

Balance Reporting

Access a suite of visual BI and reporting dashboards for analyzing bank and account balances across any metric.

Cash Positioning

Easily view cash positions in near real-time with granular analyses available by bank, region, currency, country, entity, and more.

Cash Forecasting

Create timely and accurate cash forecasts across any time horizon with variance, historical, and customizable analyses available.

Working Capital Insights

Gain valuable data and insights related to your global working capital by analyzing AP, AR, procurement, and sales data alongside your treasury and cash data.

PayOptix Suite

PayOptix provides a globally unified hub for organizations to manage B2B payments through virtually any bank, channel, network, or financial messaging format. Businesses can connect to their banks via API, SWIFT, SFTP, EBICS, and more to deliver wires, checks, ACH, card or SEPA payments, and other preferred options in over 140 currencies and countries. TIS also maintains compatibility with all relevant financial messaging formats including ISO 20022, SWIFT MT, and regional or bank-specific proprietary structures to offer fully automated approval and execution workflows.

Global Payments

TIS manages global outbound payment generation and execution, with the ability to support STP of payments from other systems to and from banks.

Domestic Payments

TIS helps optimize the use of different payment methods and rebate programs across various localities and supplier networks to ensure the most cost-effective option is always used.

FX Payments

TIS offers integrated access to more than 140 currencies across 170+ local market exchanges so that clients can easily control their global FX exposure directly in our platform.

Bank Connectivity

TIS provides over 11,000 bank connect options for our clients through a variety of channels including SWIFT, API, SFTP, & EBICS. We also maintain 2,700+ direct bank connections.

Financial Messaging

TIS maintains compatibility with virtually every financial messaging format in use for both payments and reporting, including SWIFT MT, ISO 20022, and more.

Workflows & Approvals

TIS offers complete flexibility for clients to structure payment approvals and workflows in any manner necessary, including multi-signer and multi-system configurations.

PayOptix Security & Compliance

Going a step beyond payments management and core connectivity, TIS PayOptix also provides solutions for clients to address global payment compliance, data regulation, sanctions screening, and fraud prevention. This includes daily updates to OFAC, EU, and other sanctions lists to ensure compliance of all outbound transactions, as well as a complete package of security tools to prevent and detect payments and system fraud at every juncture.

Sanctions Screening

TIS provides 24/7 screening and monitoring of all payments across OFAC, EU, UN, and other lists, customizable options.

Payment Compliance

TIS helps ensure global payments and banking compliance by creating a secure, unified, and standardized approach to data and workflow management.

Fraud Prevention

TIS protects clients with a multifaceted array of security tools and technologies that are designed to prevent and detect fraud at every juncture.

System & User Audits

TIS provides systematic controls for monitoring global user actions and general system workflows. This includes alerts for suspicious user behavior, gaps in security controls, and more.

Alert Management

TIS serves as a single source for managing alerts and resolutions related to the compliance and security of payments, bank accounts, user actions, and financial data.

Workflow Control

Easily manage bank accounts, signer information, and user credentials and approvals through an easily configurable and customizable platform.

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