Accounts Payable & Receivable

Accounts Payable & Receivable Automation

Accounts Payable & Receivable

Accounts Payable & Receivable Automation

Optimize Invoicing & Payments, Eliminate Fraud, & Bolster Supplier Relationships

AP teams can achieve global visibility to supplier and vendor payment statuses by using TIS. This includes having a centralized view of all bank confirmations, rejections, and fraud or compliance alerts, which is a critical benefit when dealing with hundreds or thousands of vendors. AP can also integrate their ERP module or standalone solution with TIS in order to have supplier payments pass through TIS for automated transmission to and from the bank.

By streamlining the process of paying vendors and achieving greater visibility to the status of outstanding transactions, AP teams can better manage vendor relationships and maintain greater control over outstanding payment requests. TIS also provides more visibility to liquidity and working capital, which aids in the facilitation of supply chain finance programs. Groups that participate in TIS’ payment modality service can also earn a rebate on in-network supplier payments, which can provide significant annual savings.

ERP & AP / AR System Integration

Payments Automation & Smart-Routing

Invoicing & Payment Behavior Analysis

Protection Against AP & Invoicing Fraud

Analysis of Supply Chain Finance Data

Integrate ERP & AP / AR Systems with TIS for Straight-Through-Processing of Payments & Invoice Data

Today, TIS is capable of seamlessly connecting to most ERP systems on the market today, including SAP, Oracle, and more. While many API integrations are available, TIS can also leverage H2H or SFTP connections to manage data transmission as well. In addition, we can integrate with a variety of other AP and payment platforms, as well as with all your global banks, to create a unified solution for managing payments and reporting processes.

For AP and AR teams, this means that payments generated in an ERP or AP system can pass through TIS for seamless transmission to the bank, and then an automated bank statement will be received in return. Because TIS manages all the vendor master data and bank connections outside of the ERP, AP teams can alleviate themselves from disparate or siloed sets of bank account, vendor, and beneficiary data. By using TIS’ payment system, they can also introduce significant automation into the transaction process while also enforcing robust payment security and compliance features at every step of the process.

Global Bank Connectivity

API, SFTP, & H2H Integrations

Real-Time Data Reporting Tools

Automated Payments Workflows

Robust Security & Fraud Prevention

Payment Compliance & Vendor Screening

Automate Payment Processing & Execution With Smart-Routing & Rebate Options Available

In regions like the U.S., it is common practice for AP and AR teams to manage B2B payments through a variety of different methods including ACH and cards, as well as wires and checks. However, a common challenge regarding these options is determining which method is most cost-effective and efficient across each supplier relationship or business division. The other primary challenge stems from having to manage a disparate set of payment files and workflows that often cross over multiple systems and contain siloed sets of information and data.

With the help of solutions like TIS’ U.S. payment orchestration program, organizations can simplify and streamline their ACH, card, and check activity through a single payment instruction file that can delineate who is being paid, which invoices are being paid for, what the execution dates are, and more. This file and the associated workflows are managed by TIS as we deploy payment smart-routing to determine the most efficient payment option for each scenario and supplier. Activity funneled through this workflow is rewarded with a rebate program that provides continuous cost-savings.

Global Payment Capabilities

ACH / SEPA, Wires, Cards, Checks, & More

Smart-Routing & Cost Efficiencies

Simplified Payment Instruction Files

Multi-Entity & Multi-Bank Support

Straight-Through-Processing w/ ERPs

Analyze Vendor Payment & Invoicing Behavior to Refine Working Capital KPIs & Identify Inefficiencies

With the TIS suite of working capital analysis capabilities, organizations can seamlessly integrate their ERPs and corresponding AP, AR, and banking data with our solution in order to review payment terms and behavior for vendors and customers, analyze invoice and billing activity, and measure all elements related to their net working capital status and cash conversion cycle. As TIS enables clients to aggregate and classify their data, users can evaluate their metrics globally or granularly according to specific entities, regions, or customers and suppliers.

By using the solution, treasury, AP, and AR teams can maintain unparalleled visibility over their working capital and effectively take control of, recognize, and react to abnormalities in their WC drivers. For instance, users can evaluate DPO or DSO to identify discrepancies in payment behavior across certain regions and customer groups, or analyze payment and invoice terms across their supplier base to determine whether additional efficiencies or adjustments could be introduced.

Automated Cash Flow Reporting

Automated Payments Reporting

Global ERP & AP System Integrations

Granularly Analyze Working Capital KPIs

Easily Report on DSO, DPO, & More

Evaluate by Region, Vendor, Entity, etc.

Protect Against Fraud & Security Exposures with Robust Payment, Data, & Invoicing Controls

Today, TIS provides a range of controls for helping safeguard critical financial data and processes related to vendor master records, beneficiary data, invoicing workflows, and payment processing. This includes the ability to run routine audits of master records to detect anomalous changes, as well as the ability to screen outbound payments made to suppliers and vendors – including those generated in an ERP or AP system – to ensure that the appropriate beneficiary, bank account, and remittance data are included in each transaction. Finally, our system incorporates robust segregation of duties, principle of least privilege, and “n-eyes” payment confirmation workflows for all users, as well as comprehensive system access security features, so that data, funds, and information are kept private and secure at all times.

Routine Vendor Master File Audits

24/7 Outbound Payment Screening

Automated Payment Alerts & Resolutions

Robust Segregation of Duties Framework

Beneficiary & Bank Account Monitoring

Community Screening for Fraud

Capture & Evaluate Global Vendor & Supplier Data to Strategically Implement Supplier Financing Programs

By leveraging the comprehensive level of payments, cashflow, and working capital data captured through TIS across an organization’s global network of entities, banks, suppliers, and vendors, AP and AR teams can gain unparalleled visibility into the payments and invoicing behaviors and preferences of the organizations they interact with. By analyzing factors such as Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) and Days Payable Outstanding (DPO) across specific countries, regions, supplier groups, and banks, users can better determine how to optimize their own payments and invoicing practices in return – including through the use of supplier financing, dynamic discounting, or payment smart-routing solutions.

Evaluate Vendor Payment Behaviors

Analyze Supplier Invoicing Trends

DPO & DSO Analysis by Region, Supplier, etc.

Global ERP, Bank, AP / AR Data Analysis

Data Influences SCF or Invoicing Strategy

Improve Supplier Relationships

Uncover More User Benefits

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