Achieving Enterprise
Payment Optimization

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Many industries, multiple payment challenges.

From manufacturing to pharma, from real estate to hospitality, virtually every organization faces the challenge of optimizing global banking and payment systems and processes.

Corporations, banks and consulting firms worldwide are tackling these challenges with great success thanks to the TIS outbound payments platform. TIS has identified five capabilities that leaders require to achieve Enterprise Payment Optimization (EPO), regardless of industry or vertical.

Client Success Stories

Explore how TIS is helping global organizations transform and optimize corporate payments systems, processes and information flows through the power of our cloud-based payment platform.

Global payments, transformed and optimized.

Founded in 2010 as Treasury Intelligence Solutions, we’re realizing our vision of a fully connected world of payments. Now as TIS, we’ve expanded beyond treasury, serving a global community of market leaders that are leveraging our expertise and innovative technology to future-proof outbound payments functions.

To further fuel client success , we’ve joined forces with Deutsche Bank in a strategic multi-bank partnership:

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