Your Partner for Corporate Payments & Cashflow Transformation


Your Partner for Corporate Payments & Cashflow Transformation

Help us drive corporate payments & cashflow forward

Are you looking to better support your clients with access to leading technology and expertise for corporate payments, liquidity, and cashflow functions?

By partnering with TIS, you gain access to a powerful cloud-based hub that hundreds of industry-leading organizations rely on — including numerous Fortune 500 companies. Our platform specializes in helping customers accelerate global connectivity across banks, systems, and service providers and transform how they manage cash positioning, forecasting, working capital, payments, security, compliance, and many other critical functions.

Today, more than 35,000 treasury and finance professionals trust our technology to manage payments and deliver accurate banking and cash flow insights in real-time — insights that reduce risk while enhancing agility, transparency, and strategic decision-making. By partnering with TIS, your organization can be better positioned to strengthen your clients’ critical cash and payment capabilities while also improving your own revenue streams and client network. Keep scrolling to see how you can get started!

Partner Types

TIS engages partners of all kinds – from system integrators and resellers to strategic consulting firms and technology solution providers. Our worldwide partner program can help you boost business profitability by advising on, integrating, or selling the TIS platform.

Referral Partner

We are always seeking new ways to create client opportunities. As such, the easiest way to partner with us is to start with our Partner Referral Agreement. This arrangement focuses on generating business relationships with new clients and includes a compensation strategy to reward partners for successful referrals.

Resell Partner

With a TIS Reseller Agreement, your organization can directly sell the TIS platform to corporate clients through a streamlined sales and onboarding arrangement. As a TIS reseller, you will benefit from enhanced sales and presales service and support, as well as promotions through TIS marketing activities and events. TIS resellers can also become members of our exclusive partner community.

Onboarding Partner

TIS Certified Onboarding Partners help improve the overall customer experience by assisting in the onboarding stages for corporate clients that are adopting our SaaS platform. To achieve this partnership level, we provide comprehensive training for your team to gain the required technical knowledge of our solution and the associated configuration and connectivity requirements.

Technology Partner

TIS welcomes opportunities to explore innovative technology partnerships with other Fintechs that provide complimentary solutions and capabilities. As a Technology Partner, you will profit from our ability to integrate fast and flexible cashflow, payments, and connectivity solutions, as well as our vast experience in creating efficient client technology structures.

Benefits of Partnership

Develop new opportunities

Generate new business and increase cross-sell and upsell opportunities with our unique SaaS solution. Our entire organization will support you throughout the sales cycle with dedicated marketing, sales and technical resources. We believe that a strong team approach will maximize our joint efforts to generate long-term customers.

Simplify current solutions

Our powerful SaaS platform eliminates the need to maintain complex integrations, bank channels, and system connections. This gives you the chance to solve customer challenges in a comprehensive and efficient fashion by eliminating manual, error-prone work and promoting greater automation, visibility, and control over payments and cashflow functions.

Performance rewards

We believe in sustainable partnerships and strong relationships. Moreover, we believe that top performance in creating client solutions and generating new business opportunities should be rewarded. This is why we offer a motivating incentive program to reflect all the effort and hard work that leads to extraordinary client results.

Get Started

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