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Global Working Capital Solutions & Insights

The Visibility Treasury & Finance Teams Need for Global Working Capital Management

The TIS Working Capital Insights solution provides global businesses with 360-degree visibility and control over all their core working capital metrics and KPIs. With this suite of capabilities, organizations can seamlessly integrate their ERPs and corresponding AP and AR data with our solution in order to review payment terms and behavior for vendors and customers, analyze invoice and billing activity, and measure all elements related to their net working capital status and cash conversion cycle.

As TIS enables clients to aggregate and classify their data, users can evaluate their metrics globally or granularly according to specific entities, regions, or customers and suppliers. Users can also leverage TIS’ visual dashboards for intuitive reporting and refine their analyses by any timeframe to view activity and cash flows through customizable and flexible parameters.

Analyze Payment Behavior

Analyze payments across your global network of vendors, partners, and suppliers to determine how their behaviors impact cash flow by timeframe, region, etc.

Evaluate Invoicing Trends

Identify how your AP and AR workflows are impacting liquidity by entity, across unique suppliers and vendors, or by certain geographies.

Granular Liquidity Insights

TIS’ working capital tools enable clients to track & measure all core metrics related to AP, AR, DPO, DSO, & more.

Integrate the Back-Office

Users can connect their ERPs, TMSs, & other solutions to analyze KPIs & have data on their global WC status or individual KPIs and metrics flow seamlessly through.

Entity-Level Reporting

Gain strategic insight to specific entities across your global landscape to better understand how cash flow shifts across various operating units or business groups.

Visualize Global Cash Flow

TIS provides customizable and visual reporting tools for easy analysis and advanced insights, with the ability to also drill down into specific invoices, entities, etc.

Award-Winning Working Capital Capabilities

TIS’ working capital solutions are actively leveraged by numerous Fortune 500 companies, many of whom have been recognized through recent industry awards ceremonies for their ability to save millions of dollars annually through improved liquidity, working capital, and cash management capabilities.

Kellogg’s Working Capital

See how the Kellogg’s treasury team used TIS to transform their forecasting process and save millions of dollars annually.

TomTom Working Capital

The TomTom treasury team adopted TIS in order to improve the accuracy of their forecasts and conduct enhanced variance analysis globally.

Unilever Working Capital

Unilever selected the TIS cash forecasting solution because it provided the most robust global cloud forecasting tool available.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about our working capital solutions

The TIS team regularly fields questions from CFOs, treasury, and finance practitioners regarding the use of our working capital solutions and the benefits and advantages they provide. More information about components related to hosting, configuration, setup, reporting, integrations, and more are covered in the FAQs below. We encourage you to contact our team with any additional questions to ensure you understand exactly how our solution can be applied in your unique environment.

In 2022, TIS acquired Cashforce, an innovative and industry-leading provider of cash management and forecasting solutions. As a result, Cashforce’s full suite of capabilities have been integrated with TIS’ existing SaaS-based payments and liquidity platform. This unified solution now provides enterprises with an unparalleled suite of capabilities for cash management, global payments, bank connectivity, fraud mitigation, compliance, and more. For the 35,000+ of enterprise treasury and finance practitioners who use TIS, the addition of these robust cash flow forecasting tools are already providing critical benefits in terms of faster reporting, greater data analysis capabilities, and improved working capital efficiency.

TIS offers a cloud-based cash forecasting and working capital analysis solution that is easily integrated alongside our other modules and with other client back-office ERPs, TMSs, and banking systems. The solution is hosted on AWS servers with 99.7%+ global system uptime in a multi-tenant (separated) infrastructure.

Treasurers, CFOs, and finance teams are the main parties that benefit from our cash forecasting solutions, but the advantages can also be felt across other departments including accounting, AP, HR, and more. This is because TIS can provide granular insights related to payment and cashflow trends that all departments can leverage to enhance the accuracy and efficiency of their reporting workflows, which also improves their ability to strategically plan business operations.

Today, companies of all sizes, locations, and states of maturity leverage the TIS cash forecasting and working capital solutions. This includes Fortune 500 companies like Kellogg’s, Unilever, Pearson, TomTom, and Dawn Foods, as well as other companies like REI, Kimberly Clarke, Hitachi, and more. The TIS cash forecasting solution is designed to integrate with a broad variety of company infrastructures so that it can be compatible with most internal back-offices, which means companies from $100mm – $10 billion+ can all benefit.

TIS leverages an innovative “walk-run-fly” model when onboarding new customers so that our solution can provide the exact level of automation and support needed at each stage of company growth. For some, this means helping aggregate data from excel and bank portals to create more accurate forecasts, while for others, it requires connectivity to numerous ERP and TMS solutions as part of a more sophisticated infrastructure. But regardless of which stage of maturity your company is at, our solution will integrate and conform to your setup to support your workflows as necessary to drive greater accuracy, efficiency, and automation of the forecasting process.

Clients can work with our in-house team of experts and niche consulting partners to outsource the vast majority of their onboarding and system configuration projects. This includes connecting with any required ERP or TMS solutions, as well as any bank portals or corresponding systems. Our team will also handle the bulk of configuration for our cloud solution so that your treasury, finance, and IT teams can continue focusing on their daily tasks over the course of the project.

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