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Introducing the TIS RiskOptix Suite

Payment Compliance, Sanctions Screening, & Fraud Prevention

The TIS RiskOptix suite provides a comprehensive set of tools for clients to address global payments and financial data compliance, sanctions screening, fraud prevention, and overall security. This includes daily updates to OFAC, EU, and other sanctions lists to ensure compliance of all outbound transactions, as well as a complete package of security tools to prevent and detect payments fraud. In addition, TIS users can enable automated alerts for compliance or security threats in real-time, and also leverage systematic user monitoring and payment auditing features to help mitigate risk at every juncture. 

This image highlights the suite of compliance, sanctions screening, and fraud prevention tools that TIS provides to clients.

OFAC Sanctions Adherence

EU & UN Sanctions Coverage

Customizable Safelists & Blocklists

24/7 Automated Monitoring

Simplified Resolution Management

Global Sanctions Screening

TIS’ sanction screening solution serves as a digital safety net to keep enterprises compliant with all relevant mandates. We provide a flexible yet centralized platform for managing global payment screening and compliance case management, with real-time updates and adherence to all relevant watch lists (e. g. OFAC, UN, EU) as well as customizable safelists and blocklists. This is in addition to customizable screening workflows to reduce false positives.

Fraud Prevention & Detection

TIS provides a variety of workflows, tools, and technologies to prevent and detect payments and system fraud from both internal and external sources. Our system is protected by multifactor authentication (MFA) and single sign-on (SSO) during login and with IP safe-listing and block-listing protocols. Biometric scans and personally customizable PINs are also deployed to further restrict system access to authorized personnel only. Furthermore, user actions taken within the system can be monitored and audited at any time, and suspicious activity will automatically generate alerts for further review. Finally, all data stored or transmitted through our platform is encrypted or hashed at every stage.

MFA & SSO Login Options

Multi-Approval & Workflow Segregation

24/7 User & System Auditing

All Data Encrypted & Hashed

IP Safelists & Blocklists

Global Payment Validation

Authenticated Bank & Beneficiary Data

24/7 Support & Coverage

Automated Resolution Management

Community-Based Protection

Payee Community Screening (PCS)

TIS’ PCS solution works by aggregating payment data across our trusted community of global enterprises and bank partners to serve as a comprehensive library of authenticated transaction and beneficiary information. As clients generate or transmit payments through TIS, this solution then compares the underlying beneficiary and payments data against this comprehensive record of past transactions in order to identify any inconsistencies. Data that does not match these records is flagged and sent to a resolutions queue.

Workflow Compliance & Alert Management

As TIS manages payment compliance and security on behalf of our clients, we provide an automated workflow for personnel to review alerts, address issue resolutions, and systematically monitor all user activity within the platform. In addition, our workflow compliance services help clients track critical information related to account ownership, availability of funds, and whether there are any outstanding compliance or security issues tied to specific accounts or beneficiaries within their global vendor, partner, and entity networks.

Global Compliance & Fraud Alerts

Automated Real-Time Updates

Standardized Workflow Compliance

Simplified Resolution Management

False Positive Management

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