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Cash Insights & Reporting

TIS’ ability to connect with all an organization’s banks, entities, & systems means that clients can attain a singular view of all their cash balances & liquidity positions across the globe.

Cash reporting and visibility is made easy across any currency, account, country, or in-house bank & cash pooling structure.

With TIS, organizations achieve significant automation and simplification of their cash reporting workflows. On one hand, TIS supports both daily and intraday bank statement collection and cash balance updates so that users are always working with the most up-to-date information.

At the same time, our solution provides straight-through-processing of this information to other systems, such as an ERP or TMS, so that other departments and stakeholders can obtain a unified view of financial activity in their system of choice. Compared to spreadsheets, these tools provide much greater visibility and control over liquidity and are also less error-prone and time consuming.

Going a step further, TIS’ extensive drill-down capabilities for cash reports are critical for businesses operating internationally with a large number of accounts and entities. This is because TIS can capture all the activity occurring across these accounts, including inter-company activity and activity generated by individual entities or back-office systems, and lets users evaluate it through any number of unique lenses. As a result, clients can maintain total oversight to company-wide transactions and cash positions in near-real-time, regardless of their complexity.

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