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Bank Fee Analysis Solution Highlights

Global Bank Connectivity, Account Management, & Fee Analysis Through a Single Solution

Treasury Intelligence Solutions (TIS) and Treasury Strategies, a division of Curinos, Inc., recently announced a new partnership to integrate the NDepth bank fee analysis platform with TIS’ cloud platform for cashflow, liquidity, and payments. By leveraging the combined solutions of TIS and NDepth, corporate treasury and finance teams can now gain complete control and visibility over every element of their banking operations through a single structure.

Given that TIS has integrated over 85,000 client bank accounts with their platform and can connect to 11,000+ banking options globally, the NDepth bank fee analysis solution serves as a natural extension of these core capabilities. By adding advanced bank fee analysis tools, TIS clients can now easily monitor bank fees across all their relationships, standardize fee categories for benchmarking purposes, and automatically identify pricing discrepancies on monthly statements. These capabilities unlock a whole new tier of operational efficiency for clients who want to quickly analyze bank fees across all their relationships and account structures, benchmark these costs across each bank relationship, and then compare their fees against what similar companies are charged both domestically and globally.

How Our Bank Fee Analysis Solution Works

  • In addition to global bank connectivity and account / statement management, TIS customers can now streamline their bank fee analysis and benchmarking workflows by leveraging our NDepth integration.
  • The bank fee analysis solution is connected directly to our TIS platform. TIS manages the file integration and ingestions through encrypted file transmissions.
  • The analysis is bank agnostic. Properly formatted EDI-822 or TWIST/BSB/CAMT.086 account analysis files and in many cases PDF statements can all be accepted. If needed, users have the option to upload additional Account Analysis (AA) statements next to the files automatically uploaded by TIS.
  • The solution uses smart algorithms to identify variances and potential areas for savings. NDepth calculates benchmarks based on anonymized, aggregated bank fee data from other users of the solution, which enables clients to compare their pricing to other companies with similar volume/balance levels.
  • The solution is a web-based application, meaning there is no need to install additional software or plug-ins to begin analyzing your fees and benefiting from benchmark reporting.
  • Reports can be generated for both holistic and granular views to reflect various corporate business structures (e.g. region, entity, or subsidiary) and are easily exported.

The NDepth Bank Fee Analysis solution is the perfect addition to TIS’ existing bank account and statement management services, where clients can use TIS as a global library for all of their bank account data and associated beneficiary, address, and signer details. TIS also enables clients to track all their open and closed accounts, assign and manage signers over specific accounts, and develop user-defined fields to track unique information, such as regional or local entity data. At the same time, our bank statement
management services enable organizations to automate the transmission of statements from any bank to any back-office
ERP, TMS, AP, or similar system for streamlined reporting and data analysis.

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