IT Security at TIS: Question & Answer

As TIS handles confidential customer information, payments files, information on bank accounts, bank relationships, and other sensitive data on behalf of clients, security is and has been a top priority since our foundation in 2010. We follow industry best-practices in data hosting and protection to protect data of our customers. This can be evidenced from our extensive external security certifications, which include ISO 27001, SOC I / II, and various SWIFT or other industry-related standards.

To grant additional insights on the comprehensive security standards and methods deployed by TIS, we’ve aggregated a broad range of data on the subject and incorporated this information into the following factsheet to address questions such as:

  1. Which measures are in place to ensure that security and compliance at TIS follow industry best-practices?
  2. Does TIS ensure my company’s data in the TIS platform is kept isolated from other customer data?
  3. How and where is TIS client data stored and is it encrypted?

To learn the answers to these questions and more as they relate to the use of TIS’ cloud platform, download the full factsheet below!

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