Enterprise Bank Connectivity & Financial Messaging

For modern-day enterprises, developing an optimized bank connectivity and financial messaging structure is crucial in order for treasury teams to manage functions like payments and liquidity.

However, creating an optimized and automated banking structure is much easier said than done.

Due to the variety of connection types, channels, formats, and systems that comprise the global banking and financial technology landscape, it’s common for enterprises to find themselves managing a tangled web of connections that vary across each bank, region, and entity.

But with dozens of banks and back-office systems and potentially thousands of formats and payment types, how are treasury groups that consist of just a few individuals expected to maintain all of these connection points? For a growing number of companies, the answer is TIS.

For more than a decade, TIS has striven to develop industry-leading capabilities that enable enterprises to connect and transact with any individual bank or banking network across the world. Today, TIS can connect to more than 11,000 banks globally via a variety of options like APIs, H2H, SWIFT, and more. Regional clearinghouses and even custom connection types can also be supported, and our system is compatible with thousands of messaging formats including ISO 20022, SWIFT MT, EDI, BAI2, and more.

Finally, we can integrate with any other back-office system, including all ERPs and TMSs, to provide company-wide access to the banking and payments data available through our solution.

Learn more by downloading the full factsheet below!

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