Comprehensive Fraud Prevention

Comprehensive Security & Fraud Prevention Capabilities

Comprehensive Fraud Prevention

Comprehensive Security & Fraud Prevention Capabilities

A Trusted Cloud Platform for Global Payments Security & Intelligent Fraud Prevention

TIS provides a variety of workflows, tools, and technologies to prevent and detect payments and system fraud from both internal and external sources. In addition to multifactor authentication (MFA), single sign-on (SSO), and IP safe-listing and block-listing protocols configured for users during login, TIS incorporates robust payment approval and fraud screening workflows for any transaction generated or executed through our platform. This includes a Beneficiary Address Book (BAB) tool that ensures payments are only delivered to known and trusted parties. Furthermore, user actions taken within the system can be monitored and audited at any time, and suspicious activity will automatically generate alerts for further review. Finally, all data stored or transmitted through our platform is encrypted or hashed at every stage.

Highly Configurable User Privileges & Access

Users and user groups within the TIS platform can have customizable levels of access and privileges assigned to them for carrying out specific roles and functions while still adhering to segregation of duties protocols.

Multi-Approval & Workflow Segregation

For payments, TIS provides workflows to designate signers over specific accounts, regions, or for certain amount thresholds. Clients can also add multi-level approvals and segregate authority at each step in the process.

24/7 User & System Auditable Monitoring

User actions taken within the TIS system are monitored and audited at any time, and suspicious activity (i.e. logins from suspicious locations or irregular times) will automatically generate alerts for further review.

Customizable Beneficiary Safelists & Blocklists

For payments, clients can create designated safelists and blocklists of beneficiaries for suppliers, vendors, employees, banks, and more in order to ensure funds are only transferred to verified and trusted recipients.

Data Encrypted at Rest & in Transit

Across the TIS platform, all data is encrypted while at rest and in transit to ensure complete protection and integrity at every juncture. This includes banking, payments, and financial data, as well as user and customer information.

SSO & MFA Secure Login Options + IP Safelisting

To restrict system access only to verified users, TIS clients can deploy Single Sign On (SSO) via SAML and Multifactor Authentication (MFA) via physical and virtual tokens. IP safelisting can also be used to restrict access by IP address.

A Global Leader in Treasury Security & Payments Fraud Prevention Solutions

TIS payments security and fraud prevention capabilities are actively leveraged by numerous Fortune 500 companies, many of whom have been recognized through recent industry awards for having transformed the workflows used by treasury and finance teams to track, control, and monitor their payments and financial data.


The Imperial Logistics Project

With its new payments platform, Imperial Logistics can monitor all firm-wide signatory rights, stopping fraud before it happens.


The OSRAM Project

The Enterprise Payment Optimization Platform offers OSRAM a central place to securely store accounts data and a tool to design workflows that can be tailored to the company’s needs.


The Swissgrid Project

Swissgrid chooses TIS as a future-proof payment solution with the highest standards in security and compliance.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about our security and fraud prevention tools

The TIS team regularly fields questions from CFOs, treasury, and finance practitioners regarding the use of our intelligent fraud prevention solutions and payment security capabilities. More information about components related to hosting, configuration, setup, reporting, integrations, and more are covered in the FAQs below. We encourage you to contact our team with any additional questions to ensure you understand exactly how our solution can be applied in your unique environment.

TIS operates and maintains an extensive Information Security Management System according to ISO 27001 and achieved our first certification in 2011. The certificate has been maintained annually ever since. TIS also has an internal control system to address the Trust Services Principles and Criteria for Security, Availability, Processing Integrity, and Confidentiality according to SOC II. In addition, TIS is also certified in the TISAX scheme with protection level “very high”. An annual review of the policies and procedures is performed and is part of our certification scope.

TIS operates a modern multi-tenant cloud service where customers benefit from economics of scale. The segregation of customer environments is a key design principle and this is also verified in our penetration testing. Each customer’s data is logically segregated within the platform which is ensured in the application design. Each tenant has a special encrypted store to save highly sensitive data objects, such as banking parameters, banking keys, and certificates safely. This is built in line with compliance to German BSI encryption recommendations.

TIS manages dedicated AWS environments for different regions (EU, US) and purposes (development, testing, and production). AWS accounts are used to isolate different TIS stages and, of course, TIS data is also isolated from data of other AWS customers. All TIS AWS instances run in a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC). Access is granted on account level following the principle of least privilege. The effectiveness of AWS’ and TIS’ security controls are audited by EY (AWS) and KPMG (TIS). Operations within the TIS platform utilize full data encryption at every juncture, at rest as well as in transit.

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