CashOptix Suite

Introducing the TIS CashOptix Suite

CashOptix Suite

Introducing the TIS CashOptix Suite

Cash Forecasting, Bank Account Management, & Working Capital

TIS CashOptix includes an end-to-end suite of bank account management, cash forecasting, and liquidity solutions. By connecting to all an enterprise’s global banks, systems, and entities, TIS provides real-time visibility and advanced reporting on cash in any account, currency, country, or business unit. All associated bank account data is also easily tracked and managed, and our robust cash forecasting solutions supplement these capabilities by facilitating the quick and effective development of both short and long-term forecasts with variance, scenario, and historical analyses. Finally, organizations can supplement their reports and forecasts with AP, sales, and procurement data to obtain a complete picture of working capital and liquidity.

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Cash Forecasting
Working Capital Analytics
Cash Insights & Visibility
Bank Account Management
Statement Management
Bank Fee Analysis

Working Capital Insights

TIS Working Capital Insights provides global businesses with 360-degree visibility and control over all their core working capital metrics and KPIs. With this solution, organizations can seamlessly integrate their ERPs and corresponding AP and AR data in order to review payment terms and behavior for vendors and customers, analyze invoice and billing activity, and measure all elements related to their net working capital status and cash conversion cycle. Users can also maintain unparalleled visibility over their working capital performance and effectively take control of, recognize, and react to abnormalities in their drivers, including DPO, DSO, and many more.

As data is collected, TIS provides a suite of intuitive reporting interfaces for users and also enables data to be easily exported or transmitted elsewhere for external analysis.

Analyze AP/AR, Treasury, & Sales Data

Automated WC KPI Calculations & Trending

Bank & Account Connectivity

Global Entity Support

Advanced Analytics Dashboards

Conduct Variance Analysis

Use Drill-Down Tools

Analyze Any Time Horizon

Integrate the Back-Office

Apply Advanced Smart-Logic

Cash Flow Forecasting

The TIS cash forecasting solution works by pulling global cash, banking, and payments data into our system and supplementing it with forward-looking AP, procurement, and sales data to provide a comprehensive evaluation of anticipated short and long-term cash positions. Forecasts can be evaluated through variance and scenario analyses and reviewed according to any time period. TIS also provides drill down capabilities so that users can view the impact of specific variables and inputs within their forecasts.

Finally, TIS’ built-in smart logic analyzes forecasts over time and recommends improvements based on gaps in reporting or data quality. All of these capabilities are provided with enhanced analytics and visual reporting features so that users can quickly and easily determine their positions, gain valuable working capital insights, and share outcomes with other departments and business leaders.

Bank Account Management

Clients can use TIS as a global library for all of their bank account data and associated beneficiary, address, and signer details. TIS also enables clients to track all their open and closed accounts, assign and manage signers over specific accounts, and develop user-defined fields to track unique information, such as regional or local entity data.

Finally, TIS offers customization for users to organize their account structures by region, entity, country, etc., and provides automated workflows for reporting on any of the above data sets for expedited analysis and upkeep.

Manage Account Signers

Store Beneficiary Data

Track Active Accounts

Supports IHB & Pooling Structures

Access Integrated Reporting

Automated Format Translation

Global Statement Aggregation

Back-Office Reporting

ERP / TMS Integration

Simplified Bank Connectivity

Bank Statement Management

TIS can receive statements from any of an organization’s banking partners or account structures globally and automate their transmission to any back-office ERP, TMS, AP, or similar system for streamlined reporting and data analysis. TIS can support the transmission of statements in any format, including FIN messages (i.e. MT940) as well as ISO 20022 messages (i.e. CAMT) and other regional or legacy variations.

The receipt and collection of these statements ultimately helps facilitate globally automated cash reporting, reconciliation, and other important tasks for our users and clients.

Cash Insights & Reporting

TIS’ ability to connect with an organization’s banks, entities, and systems means that clients can attain a singular view of all their cash balances and liquidity positions across the globe – including in any currency, account, country, or inhouse bank / cash pooling structure. The robust interfaces and visual analytics tools provided by TIS enable quick and effective reporting on these positions, with both holistic and granular analyses available.

Users can leverage these tools to create custom reports to track their balances by various metrics (i.e. global cash position, foreign currency position, liquidity history, etc.) and may easily export data to other systems (ERP / TMS) or file structures (Excel, PDF, etc.) for external reporting and analysis.

140+ Currencies Supported

Multi-Entity Reporting

Multi-Bank Reporting

Intuitive, Visual Dashboards

ERP / TMS Data Integrations

200%+ Average Annual ROI on Solution

Hundreds of Corporate Benchmarks

Average Fee Reduction of 10-15% Globally

Identify Price Variances & “All-In” Costs

Compare Monthly Trends by Bank, Region, etc.

Bank Fee Analysis

TIS recently partnered with Treasury Strategies and Curinos to develop an integrated bank fee analysis solution for corporate treasury and finance teams. By leveraging these advanced bank fee analysis capabilities, organizations can achieve a range of benefits across their global banking relationships.

Primarily, this solution helps identify large opportunities for cost savings, including whether certain banks are charging excessively for specific services and operations, or if certain regions and entities are being overcharged by specific bank partners. Access to these insights ultimately enables treasury and finance teams to negotiate more favorable pricing with their banks or migrate to relationships where more favorable pricing and service agreements can be arranged. Our solution also lets treasury teams save significant time in performing the associated fee analysis and audits, and help them improve the yields on their cash deposits and balances. This ultimately enables companies to achieve the highest ECR and interest rates available in the market.

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