B2B Orchestration

Cost-Effective & Streamlined B2B Payments Orchestration

B2B Orchestration

Cost-Effective & Streamlined B2B Payments Orchestration

Optimized U.S. Payments for ACH, Virtual Cards, Checks, & Wires

TIS offers advanced cost-efficient routing of payments across North America to optimize our clients’ execution and reporting of payments within the region. This solution works by evaluating a company’s supplier and partner network alongside their preferred payment methods to determine the most effective option for completing transactions in each scenario, such as via check, ACH, wire, or virtual card.

As a component of this service, TIS simplifies an organization’s use of diverse local payment methods by managing all activity through a single payment instruction file that can delineate who is being paid, which invoices are being paid for, what the execution dates are, and more. And finally, TIS affords the opportunity for clients to earn rebates on each payment made through the program and assists with supplier onboarding to ensure maximum participation.

U.S. B2B Payment Optimization

Efficiently manage your entire network of U.S. B2B payments through a single channel that supports all required payment options and channels.

Streamlined Transaction Routing

Clients can send a single payment instruction file to TIS for managing the full scope of transactions within a given timeframe, across all suppliers and payment options.

Attractive Rebate & Cash-Back Programs

Organizations can achieve significant rebates on applicable payments made through our network, especially when using virtual cards for supplier transactions.

Assisted Supplier Onboarding

TIS and our niche partners can assist organizations with onboarding their U.S. suppliers and vendors to our program to ensure maximum participation and optimal results.

Simplified Payment Reporting & Analysis

TIS can simplify the reporting and reconciliation of payments made through our network by capturing and transmitting files and statements from bank directly to client back-office ERPs and TMSs.

Supports ACH, Check, Card, Wire, & More

Today, TIS supports the full spectrum of U.S. B2B payment options required by organizations including wires, checks, ACH, card / virtual card, and more.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about our U.S. B2B payments capabilities

The TIS team regularly fields questions from CFOs, treasury, and finance practitioners regarding the use of our U.S. payment solutions and the benefits and advantages they bring. More information about components related to hosting, configuration, setup, reporting, integrations, and more are covered in the FAQs below. We encourage you to contact our team with any additional questions to ensure you understand exactly how our solution can be applied in your unique environment.

Organizations can rely on TIS to manage U.S. ACH, card, and check activity through a single payment instruction file that can delineate who is being paid, which invoices are being paid for, what the execution dates are, and more. This file and the associated workflows are managed by TIS as we deploy payment smart-routing to determine the most efficient payment option for each scenario and supplier. Activity funneled through this workflow is rewarded with a rebate program that provides continuous cost-savings, and payments are ultimately executed via TIS partnerships with several select institutional and fintech vendors who help provide clients with complete transparency over the status of each payment throughout the entirety of its lifecycle.

Currently, there are over 75,000 U.S. suppliers and vendors that are onboarded to the TIS and Priority payments program, and over $20 billion in associated payments are funneled through the network annually.

No. TIS can support the full spectrum of U.S. payments activity across all associated methods (check, ACH, wire, card / virtual card, etc.) and channels, and can also manage the full scope of banking options and networks required for streamlining payments activity with a company’s associated vendors, suppliers, and business partners across North America.

TIS introduced our U.S. Payments Orchestration program to help businesses simplify localized payment activity and ensure that the most cost-effective options are being used in each scenario. Because our solution reduces the number of payment files, systems, and methods used to execute transactions, the benefits are distributed across an array of different areas. These benefits include workflow automation and operational efficiencies as well as financial cost-savings and rebates. And because clients need only submit a single payment instruction file to TIS, our service drastically streamlines the process for companies when submitting payment instructions through their back-office and entirely eliminates the need to store and maintain supplier payment instructions in their originating system.

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