PayOptix Suite

Introducing the TIS PayOptix Suite

PayOptix Suite

Introducing the TIS PayOptix Suite

Global Payments, Banking, FX, & Financial Messaging Services

PayOptix provides a globally unified hub for organizations to manage cross-border and domestic B2B payments through any bank, channel, network, or financial messaging format. Businesses can connect to their banks via API, SWIFT, SFTP, EBICS, and more to deliver wires, SEPA payments, checks, ACH, card, and other preferred payment options. TIS also maintains compatibility with all messaging formats including ISO 20022, SWIFT MT, and regional or bank-specific proprietary structures to offer fully automated approval and execution workflows.

In addition, PayOptix offers comprehensive tools for clients to address global payments and financial data compliance, sanctions screening, fraud prevention, and overall security. This includes daily updates to OFAC, EU, and other sanctions lists to ensure compliance of all outbound transactions, as well as a complete package of security tools to prevent and detect payments fraud.

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Bank Connectivity
Cross-Border Payments
U.S. Payment Orchestration
Workflows & Approvals
Fraud & Security Tools
Compliance & Sanctions

Global Payments Management

TIS can manage the generation, execution, and transmission of all global outbound payments on behalf of our clients, including through any channel, format, banking partner, network, or transaction method. This includes compatibility with all common payment types including wires, checks, ACH / SEPA, and virtual cards, as well as any unique bank or supplier preferences.

Today, TIS manages more than $2.7 trillion in annual payments volume on behalf of our enterprise clients and connects to more than 85,000 bank accounts, 40,000 entities, and 35 million unique beneficiaries. The result is that organizations of any size, industry, or complexity can use TIS to automate, standardize, and simplify their outbound payments workflows.

140+ Countries & Currencies

11,000+ Banking Options

Back-Office Payment Automation

Diverse Approval & Workflow Support

ACH, SEPA, Card, Wire, Check, & More

ACH, SEPA, Card, Wire, Check, & More

Regional Payment Optimization

Efficient Transaction Routing

Attractive Rebate Programs

Assisted Supplier Onboarding

Diverse Payment Options

U.S. B2B Payments Orchestration

TIS offers advanced cost-efficient routing of payments to optimize our clients’ use of payments within certain regions and localities. This solution works by evaluating a company’s supplier network and outstanding payment methods to determine the most effective option for completing transactions, such as via check, ACH, wire, or virtual card.

As a component of this service, TIS simplifies our clients’ use of diverse local payment methods by managing all activity through a single payment instruction file that can delineate who is being paid, which invoices are being paid for, what the execution dates are, and more. And finally, TIS affords the opportunity for clients to earn rebates on each payment made through the program and assists with supplier onboarding to ensure maximum participation.

FX Payment Management

TIS’ suite of FX payment capabilities are now available for enterprise users directly within our online platform. Using the APIs and direct connections we’ve developed with our partners, TIS clients can use our platform to execute payments across more than 140 currency options and 175 local market exchanges.

Access to these currencies and markets is highly beneficial because using localized channels to execute and deliver cross-border payments can help companies to avoid the expensive FX fees and unfavorable exchange rates that are incurred when initiating international payments in USD or through the correspondent bank model. By using TIS and our FX integrations to manage payments locally, companies that generate a high volume of cross-border transactions can achieve significant cost-savings.

140+ Global Currencies

175+ Unique Countries

Reduced Processing Fees

Cross-Border Automation

Intuitive, Visual Reporting

11,000+ Bank Connect Options

API & Direct Plugin Availability

Host-2-Host / SFTP Support

EBICS & SWIFT (AL2) Connectivity

Fully- Managed Onboarding

Bank Connectivity

For more than a decade, TIS has striven to develop industry-leading capabilities that enable enterprises to connect and transact with any individual bank or banking network across the world. Today, TIS can connect to more than 11,000 banks globally via a variety of options like APIs, H2H, SWIFT, EBICS, and more. Regional clearinghouses and even custom connection types can also be supported, and our system is compatible with 140k+ payment profiles including ISO 20022, SWIFT MT, and more.

Finally, we can connect with any other back-office system including ERPs, HR platforms, and TMSs to provide company-wide access to the banking and payments data available through our solution.

Financial Messaging

TIS maintains compatibility with virtually every financial messaging format needed by organizations today, including ISO 20022, SWIFT MT, and other proprietary, bank-specific, or regional formats. TIS is also capable of reformatting any financial message according to the preferred format of the recipient so that a lack of standardization does not hinder the automation of payments or reports transmitted through our platform.

Today, TIS maintains a payment library consisting of more than 140k unique payment profiles. We support an equally diverse range of statement reporting formats, which makes our financial messaging services one of the most comprehensive in the world.

140k+ Payment Profiles

Diverse Reporting Formats

Full Back-Office Integration

Format Translation Management

Global Bank Connectivity

User-Defined Workflows

Back-Office Integration

Customizable Approval Structures

Manual or Automated Support

Alert & Resolution Management

Workflow & Approval Management

TIS provides flexible and customizable workflows for clients to structure their payment approvals exactly as they’d prefer. This includes supporting the pass-through of payment instructions from ERPs and TMSs, as well as the delineation of user authorizations directly within TIS for managing specific steps in the process. Admins can add as many signers and approval designations as needed and may also create custom workflows to manage payment authorizations from specific systems and entities, or for certain payment amounts.

Fraud Prevention & Detection

TIS provides a variety of workflows, tools, and technologies to prevent and detect payments and system fraud from both internal and external sources. Our system is protected by multifactor authentication (MFA) and single sign-on (SSO) during login and with IP safe-listing and block-listing protocols. Biometric scans and personally customizable PINs are also deployed to further restrict system access to authorized personnel only. Furthermore, user actions taken within the system can be monitored and audited at any time, and suspicious activity will automatically generate alerts for further review. Finally, all data stored or transmitted through our platform is encrypted or hashed at every stage.

MFA & SSO Login Options

Multi-Approval & Workflow Segregation

24/7 User & System Auditing

All Data Encrypted & Hashed

IP Safelists & Blocklists

OFAC Sanctions Adherence

EU & UN Sanctions Coverage

Customizable Safelists & Blocklists

24/7 Automated Monitoring

Simplified Resolution Management

Global Sanctions Screening

TIS’ sanction screening solution serves as a digital safety net to keep enterprises compliant with all relevant mandates. We provide a flexible yet centralized platform for managing global payment screening and compliance case management, with real-time updates and adherence to all relevant watch lists (e. g. OFAC, UN, EU) as well as customizable safelists and blocklists. This is in addition to customizable screening workflows to reduce false positives.

Workflow Compliance & Alert Management

As TIS manages payment compliance and security on behalf of our clients, we provide an automated workflow for personnel to review alerts, address issue resolutions, and systematically monitor all user activity within the platform. In addition, our workflow compliance services help clients track critical information related to account ownership, availability of funds, and whether there are any outstanding compliance or security issues tied to specific accounts or beneficiaries within their global vendor, partner, and entity networks.

Global Compliance & Fraud Alerts

Automated Real-Time Updates

Standardized Workflow Compliance

Simplified Resolution Management

False Positive Management

Global Payment Validation

Authenticated Bank & Beneficiary Data

24/7 Support & Coverage

Automated Resolution Management

Community-Based Protection

Payee Community Screening (PCS)

TIS’ PCS solution works by aggregating payment data across our trusted community of global enterprises and bank partners to serve as a comprehensive library of authenticated transaction and beneficiary information. As clients generate or transmit payments through TIS, this solution then compares the underlying beneficiary and payments data against this comprehensive record of past transactions in order to identify any inconsistencies. Data that does not match these records is flagged and sent to a resolutions queue.

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