Bank Account Management

Bank Account Management for Treasury & Finance

Bank Account Management

Bank Account Management for Treasury & Finance

A Unified Platform to Track & Manage Global Bank Account Information

Clients can use TIS as a global library for all of their bank account data and associated beneficiary, address, and signer details. TIS also enables clients to track all their open and closed accounts, assign and manage signers over specific accounts, and develop user-defined fields to track unique information, such as regional or local entity data.

Finally, TIS offers customization for users to organize their account structures by region, entity, country, etc., and provides automated workflows for reporting on any of the above data sets for expedited analysis and upkeep.

Manage Account Signers

for specific banks, accounts, entities, and more. Easily add or remove signers over time and audit signer activity to ensure workflow and policy adherence.

Store Beneficiary Data

across your global network of banks and accounts, including the information of your suppliers, vendors, and business partners, as a single source of truth.

Track Open & Closed Accounts

across all bank relationships for a 360-degree view of account activity. Track and monitor updates to bank account statuses in near-real-time with drill-down capabilities.

Aggregate Global Account Data

and integrate with your back-office ERPs, TMSs, and other systems to seamlessly transmit relevant data to other parties for better reporting, visibility, and upkeep.

Access Dynamic Reporting Features

to track any aspect of your banking or account structure, including by customizable parameters for reporting by region, bank group, entity, or even in-house or cash-pooling structures.

Better Manage Compliance & Security

by maintaining a globally updated view of all bank account, beneficiary, and signer statuses across the company. Audit and track activity to ensure compliance, security, and conformity to standard company policies and procedures.

Award-Winning Bank Account Management Capabilities

TIS bank account management solutions are actively leveraged by numerous Fortune 500 companies, many of whom have been recognized through recent industry awards for having transformed the workflows used by treasury and finance teams to track, control, and monitor their bank account data and information.


The Archroma Project

Archroma’s treasury team uses TIS as a direct replacement of their formerly disparate setup consisting of 15+ e-banking tools.

Siemens Gamesa

The Siemens Gamesa Project

Siemens Gamesa uses TIS to harmonize their extremely complex and siloed banking landscape on a global scale, across all 235 legal entities and 85 countries.


The Encavis Project

Encavis adopted the TIS platform in order to centrally manage their large portfolio of globally distributed bank accounts.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about our Bank Account Management (BAM) solution

The TIS team regularly fields questions from CFOs, treasury, and finance practitioners every year regarding the use of our bank account management solution and the benefits and advantages it brings. More information about components related to hosting, configuration, setup, reporting, integrations, and more are covered in the FAQs below. We encourage you to contact our team with any additional questions to ensure you understand exactly how our solution can be applied in your unique environment.

TIS’ Bank Account Manager (BAM) was one of the first capabilities developed by TIS upon inception in 2010, and serves as the single source of truth for clients as they manage their global banking, payments, and data workflows. Organizations can effectively use TIS as a central repository for all of their bank account information and related master data across all connected systems, including ERPs and TMSs.

As an essential component of our platform, TIS’ BAM capabilities enable clients to easily perform core functions such as tracking open and closed accounts, assigning and managing account signers, and storing unique banking information. In addition, TIS also offers customization to define fields and workflows. Data inventory processes, for example, can be started anytime the customer requests and on a regular basis to ensure responsible users can keep all the data up to date. The inventory processes can be set on company, region, or legal entity level. And for reporting, the data in BAM can be automatically leveraged for other functions in TIS, such as reporting on the associated account balances for expedited analysis.

TIS offers a cloud-based bank account management solution that is easily integrated alongside our other modules and with other client back-office ERPs, TMSs, and banking systems. The solution is hosted on AWS servers with 99.7%+ global system uptime in a multi-tenant (separated) infrastructure. Connectivity with specific banks and back-office systems can be configured on a case-by-case basis, with the most standard options being SWIFT, EBICS, API, and SFTP for banks, and SFTP / API for ERPs and TMSs.

The BAM functionality offered by TIS is primarily beneficial for treasury, finance, accounting, and legal / HR teams. One of the primary benefits of TIS’ BAM is the flexibility offered to users in how they structure their workflows for bank account management and master data maintenance while also staying compliant with global and local regulations.

For example, an “n-eyes” principle can be configured for making changes to master data at a global, regional, or entity-level, as well as for creating, updating, closing, and deleting bank accounts. Data from the connected banks and bank accounts in BAM can be viewed via a single interface in the Bank Statement Manager. The dashboard is customizable and provides users with full visibility to bank account data and balances on a global scale, as well as granular analyses for reviewing the data behind any specific account, currency, country, or business unit.

Clients can also create custom bank groups to view their account structure by region, currency, or otherwise, and can assign multiple signees over each account or account group as internal protocols dictate. The result of these interfaces is that global account data, cash positions, and cash flows can be viewed faster and more reliably with just a few clicks of a button. This provides tremendous upside compared to excel-based BAM solutions or the use of numerous e-banking portals, especially from an automation and accuracy standpoint.

Today, companies of all sizes, locations, and states of maturity leverage the TIS bank account management solutions. This includes companies like Encavis, Archroma, and Circor, as well as other companies like CoreState Group and Mann+Hummel. The TIS BAM solution is designed to function seamlessly with a broad variety of company infrastructures so that it can be compatible with most internal back-office and banking configurations, including for numerous ERPs, entities, and diverse bank connectivity options. You can browse specific client success stories as they relate to TIS BAM below.

The TIS solution can serve as an ideal upgrade for companies with no formal bank account management solution in place. This includes companies who are currently using banking portals and Excel spreadsheets, or even those who use ERP systems.

As system users go about managing their bank account data in TIS, they can create custom reports to quickly view items like signee designations, user roles, and account balances. Unlike static reports, the interfaces and dashboards provided by TIS are “live” and offer a great deal of interactivity. In addition, BAM offers different options for the import and export of master data and the export of audit logs. These features facilitate the exchange of information across departments and ultimately make bank account compliance reports (such as for FBAR in the U.S.) much easier. They also offer significant time-savings and improved data accuracy over other traditional BAM methods.

Clients can work with our in-house team of experts and niche consulting partners to outsource the vast majority of their onboarding and system configuration projects. This includes connecting with any required ERP or TMS solutions, as well as any bank portals or corresponding systems. Our team will also handle the bulk of configuration for our cloud solution so that your treasury, finance, and IT teams can continue focusing on their daily tasks over the course of the project.

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