Bank Connectivity & Financial Messaging

End-to-End Bank Connectivity & Financial Messaging Solutions

Bank Connectivity & Financial Messaging

End-to-End Bank Connectivity & Financial Messaging Solutions

Globally Simplified & Streamlined Corporate Banking Solutions

For more than a decade, TIS has striven to develop industry-leading capabilities that enable enterprises to connect and transact with any individual bank or banking network across the world. Today, TIS can connect to more than 11,000 banks globally via a variety of options like APIs, H2H, SWIFT, EBICS, and more. Regional clearinghouses and even custom connection types can also be supported, and our system is compatible with 140k+ payment profiles including ISO 20022, SWIFT MT, and more.

Finally, we can connect with any other back-office system including ERPs, HR platforms, and TMSs to provide company-wide access to the banking and payments data available through our solution.

11,000+ Bank Connect Options

TIS can connect to more than 11,000 banks globally via almost any connection type, payments channel, or messaging format. This includes SWIFT, EBICS, SFTP, APIs, and many more options.

API & Direct Plugin Availability

In 2023, TIS provides several options for leveraging corporate banking APIs. These options include open API connections that are configured directly with the bank, as well as EBICS-enabled APIs that can be leveraged as part of a “network” effect.

Host-2-Host / SFTP Connectivity Support

TIS can facilitate direct connections to an organization’s key banking partners via host-2-host (SFTP) channels as an alternative to SWIFT, EBICS, APIs, or in circumstances where the client prefer an alternative connection type.

EBICS & SWIFT (AL2) Connectivity

Today, TIS is a SWIFT-Certified partner and offers full support for ISO 20022 and SWIFT MT financial messages, as well as full connectivity services via Alliance Lite 2 (AL2). EBICS connectivity across Europe is also fully supported.

Streamlined Bank Onboarding

TIS and our niche group of partners can establish and maintain the connections to all of treasury and finance’s enterprise banking partners so that their internal IT and treasury teams are not overwhelmed.

Global Financial Messaging Compatibility

TIS maintains compatibility with virtually every financial messaging format needed by organizations today, including ISO 20022, SWIFT MT, and other proprietary, bank-specific, or regional formats.

Award-Winning Bank Connectivity & Financial Messaging Capabilities

TIS’ enterprise banking solutions are actively leveraged by numerous Fortune 500 companies, many of whom have been recognized through recent industry awards ceremonies for their ability to save millions of dollars annually through improved liquidity, working capital, and cash management capabilities.

Siemens Gamesa

Siemens Gamesa Bank Connectivity

See how Siemens Gamesa used TIS to harmonize their extremely complex and siloed banking and treasury systems landscape on a global scale, across 235 legal entities and 85 countries.


TeamViewer Bank Connectivity

This success story showcases the bank connectivity and treasury technology transformation achieved by TeamViewer and their small 2-person treasury team. Project highlights include 96%+ daily cash visibility and 90%+ global payments automation.


IFAW Bank Connectivity

The following summary of IFAW’s bank connectivity project is based on their award-winning submission to the 2022 Alexander Hamilton Awards, where they won 1st place in the “Restricted & Emerging Markets” category.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about our bank connectivity solution

The TIS team regularly fields questions from thousands of CFOs, treasury, and finance practitioners every year regarding the use of our corporate banking and financial messaging services and the benefits and advantages they provide. More information about components related to hosting, configuration, setup, reporting, integrations, and more are covered in the FAQs below. We encourage you to contact our team with any additional questions to ensure you understand exactly how our enterprise banking solutions can be applied in your unique environment.

No, there is no limit on the number of banks, accounts, or systems that TIS can connect too. There is also no limit on the number of networks, channels, or messaging formats that TIS uses to exchange data and information between your systems and those of your banks. Today, TIS can connect to more than 11,000 banking options and actively manages connectivity to more than 85,000 client bank accounts for purposes of automating payments, reporting, and other functions.

TIS currently manages connectivity for clients across more than 170 countries, and is capable of supporting the necessary payment types, messaging formats, and networks that are required for business operations in each region. TIS also ensures total compliance and security coverage in each region our clients operate in to ensure end-to-end standardization of all connectivity workflows.

TIS is proud to manage the majority of client onboarding, connectivity, and integration tasks on behalf of our corporate and enterprise clients. From project kick-off to go-live and beyond, our team takes the burden off internal IT and treasury teams to ensure our cloud-based system is functioning seamlessly and is fully connected to your global banking, systems, and entity landscape.

Because of the extensive connectivity already maintained within our system and the vast experience of our onboarding and support teams, deploying the TIS solution can be completed very quickly. By combining the expertise of our in-house teams with a select group of leading integration partners, projects can be kept on time and as scheduled. And with a suite of APIs and direct plugins for ERP and TMS connectivity as well as 11,000+ potential banking options, our team ensures a smooth and consistent onboarding experience that does not require excessive IT or treasury support. Instead, we take the burden off your team and manage the bulk of the process ourselves while you continue to focus on your everyday tasks.

TIS maintains an extensive library of virtually every corporate payment messaging format needed by organizations today, including ISO 20022, SWIFT MT, and other proprietary, bank-specific, or regional formats. This ensures that a lack of standardization does not hinder the automation of payments or reports transmitted through TIS. Any financial messages can be reformatted according to the preferred format of the recipient.

For example, as SWIFT, clearing systems, and banks are changing from the FIN standard, which uses the MT message type, to the ISO 20022 messages, which uses XML to implement richer data and structured format, systems will need to be able to send and receive the new format. This means current formats, like SAP IDOC or an older XML version, will at some near point in the future no longer be allowed or supported by banks. With TIS, this phase of transition will not be a challenge for your organization because TIS fully supports ISO 20022 XML formats as well as SWIFT MT and other formats, while also offering message translation between the systems.

By sitting above an organization’s technology stack and connecting with all their back-office, banking, and 3rd party solutions, TIS effectively breaks down department and geographic silos to allow 360-degree cashflow and payments control. To date, the ~300 companies that have integrated TIS with their global ERPs, TMSs, and banking landscape have achieved near-real-time transparency into their payments and liquidity. This has benefited a broad variety of internal stakeholders and has also enabled them to access information through their platform of choice.

Data is available either though dashboards or direct downloads but can also delivered back to the originating systems. This systematically controlled workflow is managed by TIS for payments, bank statements, and all levels of reporting, and data can be delivered from any back-office system via APIs, direct plug-ins, or agents for transmission to banks and 3rd parties.

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