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How Treasurers Can Benefit from a Holistic Approach to Bank Account Management, Bank Fee Analysis, & Bank Connectivity in 2024

Given the complex and globally diverse banking landscapes that corporate treasury and finance teams are often confronted with, operations related to maintaining account visibility, managing documentation, monitoring bank fees, and optimizing connectivity channels frequently become a huge challenge for practitioners. This is especially the case for companies that leverage a broad range of banking partners across the globe, each with separately governed fee structures, connectivity protocols, and account capabilities.

However, if treasury professionals fail to adequately audit their bank relationships or standardize their connectivity and account structures, it’s easy for the underlying costs and complexity to spiral out of control.

So how can treasury and finance teams effectively mitigate these risks in 2024?

In this session, Jon Paquette, SVP Product TIS and Jacob Nygren, Principal Product Manager at Treasury Strategies will highlight how a holistic approach to managing bank account management, fee analysis, and connectivity can transform treasury’s ability to manage their banking functions. Our hosts will also demonstrate how the recently announced TIS and Treasury Strategies partnership enables treasury teams to optimize these capabilities centrally through TIS’ award-winning cloud platform.

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