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5 Ways That TIS Addresses Treasury Security & Payment Compliance in 2023

Within the past year alone, thousands of finance and treasury practitioners worldwide have learned through bitter experience that digital payments fraud is rarely orchestrated by your average, everyday criminal. Instead, an increasing number of today’s digital fraud attacks, particularly those that target corporate treasury and finance teams, are perpetrated by sophisticated, well-funded, and innovative fraudsters.

To address these threats, governments and regulatory bodies continue to release new security guidelines and sanctions requirements that restrict the activities of known criminal and terrorist organizations. However, this means that in addition to accounting for fraud and security concerns, treasury must also ensure adherence to these sanctions and compliance requirements or risk facing significant fines, penalties, and reputational / legal damage.

This webinar, co-hosted by TIS’ VP of Product Martin Lehmann and VP of U.S. Solutions Jon Paquette, evaluates the primary fraud and compliance threats facing treasury and finance teams before demonstrating how the TIS platform provides a multifaceted suite of security and compliance tools that address corporate requirements at every juncture.

Professionals who watch this session will learn:

· What the primary areas of exposure are that modern criminals try to exploit when it comes to treasury, finance, and payment operations
· The main challenges that treasury and finance teams must address with regards to compliance and sanctions obligations
· How the TIS platform offers industry-leading compliance and security capabilities to detect and prevent regulatory and fraud-related issues from occurring.

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