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Read the factsheet to learn more about TIS. The purpose is to summarize each area of our business in order to educate readers on all the core capabilities, value-added services, and general operational expertise that TIS offers to clients.

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Product Factsheet

How TIS Operations Support Global ESG Initiatives

At TIS, we are committed to integrating ESG principles into our core values and operations. Our mission is to provide innovative financial software solutions while also upholding the highest standards of diversity and inclusion, business ethics, anti-corruption practices, and regulatory compliance.

Product Factsheet

TIS Vendor Screening for Payment Security

The Vendor Screening in TIS adds an extra layer of protection before payment transactions are initiated. It helps ensure that payments which are generated in connected systems and to be executed through TIS are only made to legitimate and trustworthy vendors, thus significantly reducing the risk of fraud or financial losses on the transactional side.

Product Factsheet

The Benefits & Utility of TIS’ Virtual Cards Program

Today, the TIS virtual cards program is one of several channels through which domestic (U.S.) payments can be routed. However, it remains one of the most cost-effective options – especially for companies without an existing v-card solution in place – due to the high rebates, streamlined execution, and low cost of implementing the service.

Product Factsheet

IT Security at TIS: Question & Answer

Learn more about how TIS handles IT / data security and promotes compliance best practices for the organizations that leverage our cloud-based treasury, banking, and finance technology.



Implementing a payment solution with S/4HANA? Have questions regarding best practices for navigating your project? In this whitepaper, TIS answers frequently asked questions regarding the best ways to simplify S/4 HANA projects.


15 Questions for Treasury to Ask Themselves During Technology RFPs

This whitepaper serves as a point of reference for treasury teams as they evaluate how to successfully structure technology RFIs, RFPs, and implementations during 2024 and beyond.

Product Factsheet

The Pros & Cons of Bank APIs & How TIS Supports Them

This factsheet highlights the main advantages and potential drawbacks of using bank APIs in 2023 and also demonstrates how TIS clients can leverage APIs through our platform in tandem with other connectivity methods.

Product Factsheet

How TIS Services the Treasury Needs of International NGOs

This factsheet highlights the benefits that TIS' platform provides to non-profit treasury teams, and particularly those operating at international organizations (INGOs).

Product Factsheet

TIS Solutions for Rapidly Scaling Treasury Teams

Learn more about how TIS supports the needs of rapidly scaling companies and treasury groups by providing a tailored suite of core cash, payments, & banking functionality.


2023 Treasury Priorities & Opportunities Survey Results

Now in its 2nd consecutive year, TIS is excited to release the findings from our 2023 Treasury Priorities & Opportunities Survey, which again captured critical insights from hundreds of U.S. finance and treasury practitioners operating at companies of all sizes and industries.

Product Factsheet

Customer Training, Support, & Onboarding Experience

Learn more about TIS' best-in-class approach to client success that ensures all our global users receive the best possible onboarding, training, and support experience throughout their journey.

Product Factsheet

Bank Account Management

TIS’ Bank Account Manager (BAM) serves as the single source of truth for managing global banking, payments, and data workflows. Clients can effectively use TIS as a central repository for all of their bank account information and related master data across all connected systems, including ERPs and TMSs.

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