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This resource is intended to provide an introductory review of TIS, both with regards to our company as well as the SaaS-based solution we provide to corporates & enterprises.

The purpose is to educate readers on all the core capabilities, value-added-services, & general operational expertise that TIS offers to clients.

Before founding TIS, Erol Bozak, Co-founder and Chief Product Officer of TIS, was a recognized cloud expert at SAP and held dozens of patents in cloud computing. Joerg Wiemer, Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer at TIS, was serving as SVP and Global Head of Treasury at SAP during the same period.

It was during their time together at SAP that Erol and Joerg developed a shared vision regarding the future of cloud technology as the new standard for corporate payments and cash management. This mutual understanding eventually led the pair to found TIS in 2010.

Drawing upon their technology prowess and subject matter expertise, Erol and Joerg began developing a cloud-based (SaaS) payments platform capable of providing businesses with unprecedented control of, and visibility to, all their bank account information, financial transactions, and payment processes.

Today, the TIS solution is the embodiment of these focused efforts to alleviate the complexity that often comes with managing global payments and liquidity. And as we continue to innovate, the benefits for our clients are proving to be transformative.

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