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Read the factsheet to learn more about TIS. The purpose is to summarize each area of our business in order to educate readers on all the core capabilities, value-added services, and general operational expertise that TIS offers to clients.

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The Complex World of Corporate Payments & How TIS Helps Simplify It

The world of corporate payments is a vast, constantly evolving, and immeasurably complex ecosystem consisting of numerous currencies, technologies, formats, channels, and networks. Learn how TIS helps treasury and finance teams simplify their associated operations.


ISO 20022: A Blueprint for Treasury

Learn more about Swift and the banking industry's global migration to the ISO 20022 global messaging standard and what the implications are for treasury.


CFOs in the Firing Line! How to Improve Sanctions Screening and Compliance While Avoiding Personal Liability

Maximize your sanctions compliance with these recommendations from legal experts to avoid becoming personally liable as a CFO in a non-compliance incident.

Product Factsheet

Bank Fee Analysis Solution Highlights

By leveraging the advanced bank fee analysis solution provided by Curinos and TIS, corporations can easily identify rate inefficiencies, unfavorable fee structures, overcharge scenarios, and other unnecessary costs surrounding their global banking relationships and service agreements.


5 Ways Treasury Can Save Money & Boost Profits in 2024

This whitepaper highlights five strategic ways that treasury teams can drive cost savings and boost profits for their companies in 2024 and beyond.


Guide to Navigating a Treasurers 1st 100 Days in a New Job

This industry whitepaper outlines some of the most important steps that treasury professionals should focus on in order to achieve success during their first 100 days in a new role.

Product Factsheet

12 Common Questions About TIS Cash Forecasting from Treasury & Finance Teams

This factsheet highlights TIS responses to the 12 most common questions asked by treasury and finance teams regarding the usage and deployment of our innovative Cash Forecasting solution in 2023-2024.

Product Factsheet

TIS Implementation Success: Achieving Excellence via Technology, People, & Teamwork

At TIS, we not only offer intelligent and future-proof digital solutions, but also cultivate a team of well-trained and experienced professionals driven by a strong sense of collaboration. Learn more by downloading this extended factsheet!


2023-2024 Treasury Technology Survey: Key Findings Analysis

Explore key findings and evaluate topline results from the TIS and Strategic Treasurer 2023-2024 Treasury Technology Survey, including insights on APIs, interest in AI and ML, and adoption of ERP / TMS solutions.


Industry Guide to Bank Account Management Best Practices in 2023-2024

This industry guide provides a thorough review of bank account management (BAM) operations as they are performed by treasury practitioners within the modern business environment, and also highlights the leading practices, solutions, and technologies used by most companies for managing BAM and eBAM functions today.


How Treasury Can Drive Collaboration Across the Office of the CFO & Beyond

This industry guide provides an overview of how treasury can most effectively collaborate with their peers across other departments in order to achieve common goals.


Reviewing Best Practices for Treasury’s Cash Forecasting Workflows

This whitepaper provides a modern review of best practices for treasury practitioners to consider when managing the cash forecasting function for their company in 2024 and beyond.

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