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Read the factsheet to learn more about TIS. The purpose is to summarize each area of our business in order to educate readers on all the core capabilities, value-added services, and general operational expertise that TIS offers to clients.

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Product Factsheet

Payee Community Screening (PCS): Intelligent Fraud Prevention

TIS' Payee Community Screening (PCS) solution leverages the power of community to prevent fraud more effectively across an enterprise's global payments network. Find out how it works.


S/4HANA: Migrating Payments and Bank Connectivity

For a smooth S/4HANA migration, consider each stakeholder’s needs and simplify the scope of the project by decoupling bank connectivity. Here’s how.


How to Achieve Full Cash Visibility

Without global, real-time visibility to all of their enterprise's bank accounts and cash positions, treasury teams are missing out on key strategic and efficiency opportunities. Learn how TIS can help improve the quality and timeliness of cash, payments, and liquidity data in this whitepaper.


The Biggest Fraud Threat

The biggest fraud threat may not be outside your company. Centralize and standardize your environment now to prevent payments fraud.


Payments Fraud Prevention: The Biggest Fraud Threats

The biggest fraud threat may not be outside your company. Learn how to centralize and standardize your internal environment to prevent payments fraud in our latest whitepaper.


The Next Gen Architecture for a Digital Treasury

The future of digital treasury lies with best-of-breed ecosystems. Connected through APIs, these specialists solutions provide corporates with maximum strategic agility.

Product Factsheet

Treasury Security: A Complete Checklist for Fighting Digital Fraud

This guide provides a list of helpful solutions and workflows that treasury groups can deploy to better protect themselves and their companies from fraud.


A Closer Look at Fraud Prevention and Fraud Detection

Fraud detection with AI can only be effective when it is an integral part of your overall security strategy.


Derive Value from the Cloud by Selecting the Right Vendors

93% of CFOs are considering the cloud. With a successful cloud strategy and the right vendors, deriving value from it is no longer elusive. This is especially true within the realm of treasury and finance. Learn more in TIS' latest resource.

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