Guide to Navigating a Treasurers 1st 100 Days in a New Job

You Were Just Hired to a New Treasury Job – What Now?

The first 100 days in a new treasury or finance job are known to be crucial for setting the right course. The challenge facing treasurers is to acquire a quick overview of operations, identify company-critical risks, introduce necessary measures at short notice, and, at the same time, convince the new boss that they are capable of setting the right strategic course. But because most general company onboarding processes are overly superficial and lack any treasury-specific focus, new treasurers should always plan to create their own personal roadmap and onboarding agenda.

In this regard, the first step is typically to become acquainted with the company, its departments, and the primary points of contact there. The second step is to find out which processes run well, and which need improving. Based on these synopses, new treasurers can then begin to formulate their strategy for enhancing the position.

In order to help treasurers start a new job and make the desired impact, this whitepaper outlines some of the most important steps that professionals should focus on in order to achieve success during the first 100 days in a new role.

Areas of analysis include:

  1. Achieving a high-level overview of core treasury operations
  2. Undergoing group-wide relationship and expectation management
  3. Conducting thorough analysis of structures, processes, and framework conditions
  4. Creating a strategic treasury roadmap to drive improvement
  5. Ensuring alignment on the roadmap from all impacted stakeholders
  6. Setting regular touchpoints and milestones to monitor progress on the roadmap

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