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IT leaders worldwide are embracing digital transformation,…

…and most organizations have started the transition to cloud technology. Global firms dealing with multiple banking and payments systems face unique obstacles: delivering secure end-to-end connectivity while providing stakeholders with seamless data integration and cash flow visibility. Digital transformation of payments processes is critical for liquidity and growth.

The TIS Outbound Payments Platform

A powerful cloud-based hub for enterprise payment networks, the TIS Platform accelerates global connectivity across banks, systems and service providers. TIS is unique in its ability to address the five most critical payments capabilities – connect, collaborate, pay, analyze, improve – in a continuous improvement lifecycle.

Leading organizations worldwide trust our technology to deliver accurate data insights in real-time – insights that reduce risk while enhancing agility, transparency and collaboration.

By using true cloud technology in a SaaS deployment, you benefit from fast implementation and automated software updates, eliminating IT overhead and reducing deployment complexity. We offer powerful digital tools and training to help your teams streamline existing processes and optimize data access across the enterprise.

Value for IT Leaders

TIS enables IT and digital transformation leaders to focus on the big picture by providing end-to-end connectivity and data integration across banks, payment systems and payment processes. The TIS payments platform preserves localized banking processes while also providing global control and visibility – enabling a greater level of agility and giving your business teams real-time cash flow insights.

Data that is captured and stored in siloed systems costs time and money. With the TIS outbound payments platform, cost savings are easily measured by capturing data usage and eliminating duplicate efforts across business units.

Once your payment processes are optimized for the cloud, the possibilities for innovation are endless.

The Value of Enterprise Payment Optimization

The TIS platform can be a critical pillar in your quest for digital transformation. Our unique Enterprise Payment Optimization Framework enables you to lead your organization on a journey toward true optimization, giving you the ability to:

Manage, standardize and automate

global bank account and payments data through a single source


Make strategic decisions

based on reliable insights and drive business growth


Reduce security risks

by increasing transparency and compliance

Digital transformation is not “one and done.” Continuous improvement and the ability to advance your optimization maturity level over time are critical to long-term success. TIS enables this.

Decreasing uncertainty, inefficiency and reactivity


Siloed processes, people, systems and data.

Enable Manageability


Alignment of systems and data with documented payment processes

Enable Collaboration


Shared systems and data enable payment process efficiency and collaboration across departments



Seamless payments ecosystem enables agility and liquidity for strategic advantage

Increasing visibility, efficiency and innovation

The Proof is in the Results.

Leaders with similar challenges have leveraged TIS expertise and technology for successful digital transformation.

A single global payment system, in the cloud.

Founded in 2010 as Treasury Intelligence Solutions, we’re realizing our vision of a fully connected world of payments. Now as TIS, we’ve expanded beyond treasury, serving a global community of market leaders that are leveraging our expertise and innovative technology to future-proof outbound payments functions.

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Leading global organizations trust TIS for cloud expertise to transform their cash management and payments systems.

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