FX Payment Management

TIS’ suite of FX payment capabilities are now available for enterprise users directly within our online platform.

Using the APIs & direct connections we’ve developed with our partners, TIS clients can now execute payments in 140+ currencies across more than 175 countries.

Access to these currencies is highly beneficial because using localized channels to execute and deliver cross-border payments enables companies to avoid the expensive FX fees and exchange rates that are often observed in the market.

By using TIS and our FX integrations to manage payments locally, companies that generate a high volume of cross-border transactions can achieve significant cost-savings.

As a result of the seamless integration developed between TIS and our FX partners, companies that leverage our platform are now better equipped to manage payments and cash across their global network of vendors, partners, and institutions. Given the increasingly global nature of modern business, our integrated FX payment services are of huge value because they eliminate the traditionally high costs of executing cross-border payments and wires. In addition, using these FX tools in conjunction with TIS’ broader suite of payments, connectivity, and cash management solutions enables our clients to achieve 360-degree visibility and control over the entirety of their financial cash flows.

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