Meet Veselin Valkov, System Administrator, Sofia, Bulgaria

Our ‘customers’ are fellow employees and we take good care of them so they can deliver a positive impact for TIS customers.”

Veselin Valkov’s TIS career has evolved since he joined the company as a Customer Service Advisor last year, providing first-line support to TIS customers. He has recently become part of the Corporate IT team.

Veselin describes how the move came about and why he seized the opportunity to develop his career…


Making the transition


I was very happy to join TIS in a customer service role, supporting customers in using the TIS platform to best advantage. I liked what I learnt of the company during the interview process and am pleased to say the reality of working at TIS lived up to my first impressions. I’ve worked for some large corporations in the past; they can be quite bureaucratic and everything seems to take an age. In contrast, TIS is agile and moves quickly.

I have been part of the IT world throughout my career, but previously tended to be in more of a support role – I spent six years supporting a storage product range, for example. Having wanted to make a move into corporate IT for a long while, when such a position came up within TIS, I decided to go for it and was delighted when my application was successful.


Soon feeling part of the team


Since then, due to my previous experience and knowledge of different platforms, I have found the transition quite straightforward and quickly integrated into my new team.

The team are responsible for the hardware and software our employees use on a daily basis. Our ‘customers’ are fellow employees and we take good care of them so they can deliver a positive impact for TIS customers.

From installing a computer for a new hire to making strategic decisions about which new software or platform we should adopt within the IT structure, I’m finding that every day is different, and that’s something I really enjoy about my new job.

I love working as part of a small, close-knit team and interacting with my colleagues in the wider company. I’m based in Sofia, but I support colleagues right across Europe, from Bulgaria to the Netherlands, as well as those working out of our Boston office.

The rapid shift to working from home during the pandemic has now become established, so we need to make sure people working remotely have the same secure access to essential tools as if they were in the office. I can’t see that changing any time soon as most people seem to enjoy having this flexibility.


A dynamic environment


It’s still early days, but my current role is already providing opportunities to gain new skills and experience, and work with innovative technology. It’s true that the IT world never stands still, and that’s certainly the case at TIS. As a team we are learning and experiencing new things each and every day. I like to be taken out of my comfort zone and challenged, so this suits me down to the ground!

As with any job, there is pressure at times and we are always very busy. But it’s really rewarding when, at the end of the day, new kit has been successfully installed or an issue has been resolved, knowing I’ve enabled a colleague to crack on with the job.

Good teamwork is highly prized at TIS. It’s a great working environment, where everyone’s contribution is recognised. I can honestly say I’ve never had a bad day at work here.

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