Meet Vencislav Venci Dimkin, Information Security Officer, Sofia, Bulgaria

Joining TIS was a breath of fresh air. I’ve been surprised at just how much autonomy I have.

Encouraged by a former colleague to apply to TIS, Venci joined the company just over a year ago. He has a solid background in commercial operations, with several years’ experience in information security governance and management.

Here, Venci explains what his job as involves and how being part of the security team is furthering his professional and personal development…


Building customer confidence


As an information security officer at TIS, I cover every aspect of security, compliance and data protection. Above all, our customers want to be able to take the security of the TIS platform for granted, so they can focus on their business with every assurance that they are using safe, compliant technology. They need to feel confident and comfortable with our partnership. It really matters to them.

That’s why it’s so important that we listen to our customers and work with them in a spirit of collaboration, in the interests of continuous improvement. I’m always happy to jump on a call or meet with a customer if a Customer Success Team colleague feels it would add value.


Refreshingly different


I’m sure we’ve all experienced the feeling at work of being ‘a cog in a wheel’. That’s why, for me, joining TIS was a breath of fresh air. I’ve been surprised at just how much autonomy I have. With autonomy comes responsibility and I am responsible for a lot of decisions that impact our policies and processes around security and risk.

I work closely with our Chief Information Security Officer. We share the vision and speak daily. Good teamwork in a mutually supportive environment is central to working at TIS and we liaise with our colleagues in Operations, who form part of our extended security team.


The regulatory seal of approval


When you consider the potentially devastating impact of a security failure in terms of financial, reputational and brand damage, it doesn’t bear thinking about. But, as we say in Bulgaria, “If you’re afraid of bears, don’t go into the forest”. While my job can certainly bring pressure at times, I enjoy rising to the challenge and regard the demands of my role as an opportunity for growth, both professionally and personally. It lets me show what I’m capable of.

It’s really satisfying when all the hard work pays off and we successfully pass a regulatory audit, such as SWIFT, SOC or ISO 27001. Of course, we know that excellence in security and compliance is built into our product, but gaining this independent, external affirmation really makes it all worthwhile.

Milestones like this are a very fulfilling part of the job. Together with the rewards I receive in terms of positive feedback and compensation, it shows my contribution makes a difference and is valued.


An environment of growth


It’s exciting to be part of a dynamic business. In many ways, TIS has successfully managed to retain the character of an enterprising, ambitious start-up. I wouldn’t want to work in an organisation that rests on its laurels.

It’s also a plus that TIS is very employee-oriented and flexible in helping us to achieve a good work-life balance. Personally, I prefer to be in the office, but if I need to work from home, it’s always an option.

To keep our promises to our customers and satisfy the requirements of a changing market, the product strategy is constantly evolving, and the roadmap along with it. As we innovate and expand the scope of the platform to offer even more functionality and services, new opportunities and challenges are created.

We are intent on building a culture at TIS where security and compliance touch every single aspect of what we do and are embedded in our working practices, policies and processes. It’s a major goal for the team going forward. After all, people are as critical as the technology in strengthening corporate security.

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