Partnering with Specialized Connectivity Providers for an Efficient ERP Migration

Ensuring business continuity during the migration to S/4HANA poses a great challenge for all stakeholders in the projects. In S@pport magazine, Joerg Wiemer explains how decoupling can facilitate a smooth transition 

Lack of transparency, visibility, and control over corporate payments – they were the challenges Joerg Wiemer was facing during his time as SVP, Global Head of Treasury at SAPresponsible for international treasury managementHe co-founded TIS ten years ago with a simple but ambitious vision: A single cloud-based platform for corporate payments to enable treasurers make better decisions based on accurate and up-to-date data. 

Today as Chief Strategy Officer at TIS, Joerg Wiemer sees many companies face an additional challenge in corporate payments: The migration to SAP S/4HANA. For project managers it is a delicate task to ensure business continuity while meeting the expectations of all stakeholders – and ERP migrations are full of pitfalls that can delay a rollout. 

In the 11/2020 issue of the German S@pport magazine, Joerg Wiemer explains in an article how to avoid common these pitfalls when it comes to corporate payments, based on the experience TIS has gathered from supporting many clients in similar projects. Decoupling payment formats development and bank connectivity implementation plays a key role and partnering with specialized connectivity providers such as TIS ensures business continuity throughout the migration.  

If you happen to read German, you can download a free copy of the article belowWe have also prepared a Whitepaper with detailed info on this topic 

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Partnering with Specialized Connectivity Providers for an Efficient ERP Migration

Ensuring business continuity during the migration to S/4HANA poses a great challenge for all stakeholders in the projects....