Cash Forecasting with TIS

TIS has acquired Cashforce, an industry-leading provider of cash forecasting and working capital solutions.

As a result, Cashforce’s full suite of capabilities have been integrated with TIS’ existing SaaS-based payments and liquidity platform. This unified solution now provides enterprises with an unparalleled suite of capabilities for cash management, forecasting, working capital analysis, and more.

TIS’ new cash forecasting capabilities serve as a natural extension of our existing cash and liquidity management solutions. With the addition of forecasting, TIS can now leverage the global bank account balances, cash positions, and payments data we already collect in our system to supplement robust cash forecasts for both short-and long-term periods.

The TIS cash forecasting solution works by pulling global cash, banking, and payments data into our system and supplementing it with forward-looking AP, procurement, and sales data to provide a comprehensive evaluation of anticipated short and long-term cash positions. Forecasts can be evaluated through variance and scenario analyses and reviewed according to any time period. TIS also provides drill down capabilities so that users can view the impact of specific variables and inputs within their forecasts.

Finally, TIS’ built-in smart logic analyzes forecasts over time and recommends improvements based on gaps in reporting or data quality. All of these capabilities are provided with enhanced analytics and visual reporting features so that users can quickly and easily determine their positions, gain valuable working capital insights, and share outcomes with other departments and business leaders.

Today, numerous industry-leading companies including Kellogg’s, Unilever, Pearson, Dawn Foods, TomTom, and many more all leverage the TIS cash forecasting solution for superior performance in forecast data aggregation, automation, and analysis. Many of these companies have also saved millions of dollars as a result of improved working capital, cash deployment, and financial strategy, due to the insights gained through the effective use of our solution.

Key forecasting deliverables include:

  • Cash flow forecasting and modeling across any time period 
  • Sophisticated scenario and variance analysis
  • Advanced system and data workflow automation
  • Comprehensive financial reporting and data analytics

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