2023 Treasury Priorities & Opportunities Survey Results

Now in its 2nd consecutive year, TIS is excited to release the findings from our 2023 Treasury Priorities & Opportunities Survey. Having run throughout the course of Q3-Q4 2022, our research again captured responses from hundreds of U.S. finance and treasury practitioners operating at companies of all sizes and industries. The goal was to capture their perspectives on a range of items including the ongoing adoption and use of finance and treasury technology, as well as upcoming staffing plans, strategic and operational expectations, and overall trends occurring in the space.

In total, over 250 practitioners responded to this year’s survey, which consisted of roughly 30 questions. All respondents held roles in either treasury or finance. In addition, all respondents were operating at companies with headquarters in the U.S., but most maintained an active international presence.

In terms of company size, 34% of represented companies had annual revenues of $100M – $1B, and another 34% had $1B – $10B annual revenue. 14% had revenues of over $10 billion, while 18% were under $100mm.

Regarding industry representation, construction and manufacturing firms accounted for over 27% of all respondents. Companies from the software, education, insurance, retail, and automotive sectors collectively accounted for another 40%.

In aggregate, our 2023 research initiatives are representative of an appropriately diverse spread of treasury and finance practitioners from a variety of company sizes and industries. The below infographic provides a synopsis of our research and the associated demographics in more detail.

To access the full results and insights obtained through the survey, download the full whitepaper below!

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