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Most global organizations lack both detailed and big picture insight into outbound payments – making cash flow analysis difficult.

Lack of control over outbound payments functions is one aspect of the problem. Siloed bank connections, lack of ERP integration, disparate data stores and inconsistent payment processes make it difficult to get a handle on the global payment data needed to effectively analyze outbound cash flows. In addition to limiting cash flow visibility, lack of effective payment analytics increases fraud risk and hinders liquidity management. But newer technology can make global payments data easily accessible for analysis.

Connect Bank Accounts, Payment Processes, Systems and Data – Worldwide.

With more than a decade of innovation in outbound payment optimization, TIS is uniquely positioned to aggregate and present outbound payments data across global bank accounts and ERP systems. Our cloud architecture and open API platform accelerates connectivity – creating a seamless payment optimization layer across departments, vendors, payment systems, bank accounts, geographies and currencies. The result: global cash flow analysis on demand.


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How TIS Analyze Works

At TIS, we believe that achieving Enterprise Payment Optimization is critical to a corporation’s long-term success and sustainability. That’s why we’ve built a technology platform that enables five key capabilities essential to payment optimization – connect, collaborate, pay, analyze and improve.

TIS Analyze is one element of this continuous improvement lifecycle. Other analytics solutions fail to support the big picture needed to achieve true cash flow agility. TIS Analyze is different. With 1600+ ERP connections, 850+ bank connections and 200k+ payment formats, access to cash flow data is fast and simple. The analytics tools and dashboards provided by TIS deliver out-of-the-box reports and interactive tools for bank account monitoring, fraud prevention, payee screening – as well as on demand views of cash flows by geography, bank account and other key parameters. And, because TIS Analyze is part of a broader payment optimization platform, corporations benefit from a complete solution – not just another siloed system.

Explore how the TIS platform enables a continuous payments improvement lifecycle.

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lower risk and effectively manage your global cash flows

Accelerate global connectivity across banks, systems and service providers. Learn more

Enable seamless collaboration across departments, vendors and banks Learn more

Execute secure payment transactions worldwide from a single dashboard Learn more

Monitor, manage and analyze bank accounts, compliance, cash flows and payees Learn more

Better manage liquidity, lower risk and improve payment processes Learn more

  • Connect
  • Collaborate
  • Pay
  • Analyze
  • Improve

Cash Flow Analysis Simplified.


Enable near real-time

and aggregation of global payment data across banks, ERP, treasury and payment systems for a single view of cash flows.


Gain better visibility

into inbound and outbound cash flows with a single bank account management dashboard across all global bank accounts.


Benefit from consistent payments processes

worldwide and seamless alignment across treasury, accounting and HR functions.


Optimize cash monitoring

at both local and global levels by eliminating system and data silos – reducing fraud risk and improving compliance.


Maintain local

agility while gaining global cash flow visibility.

More capabilities



Accelerate global connectivity across banks, systems and service providers.

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Enable seamless collaboration across departments, vendors and banks.

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Execute secure payment transactions worldwide from a single dashboard.

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Better manage liquidity, lower risk and improve payment processes.

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Explore Client Success Stories

Learn how other global organizations are tackling the enterprise payment optimization challenge with TIS.

Adecco Group


Adecco Group proactively chooses a combination of TIS and TMS for superior bank connectivity and payments experience on top of extensive treasury functions.


Enabled by the Master User feature, new employees at Bahlsen don't have to go through long vetting processes before starting to make payments.

Siemens Gamesa

See how Siemens Gamesa used TIS to harmonize their extremely complex and siloed Treasury system landscape on a global scale, across all 235 legal entities and 85 countries.

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