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TIS & Hana Bank Announce Partnership

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Heidelberg, Germany – July 4, 2022:

Today, Hana Bank and Treasury Intelligence Solutions (TIS) announced a formal partnership agreement through the co-signing of a memorandum of understanding (MOU) at TIS’ headquarters in Heidelberg, Germany. The MOU was signed on June 29, 2022 and is intended to jumpstart a close relationship between the two organizations as they work to provide new and innovative financial services to global companies operating within the Korean market.

Since 2010, TIS has been developing a cloud-based platform for B2B payments, liquidity, and cash management that enables organizations to integrate their ERPs and back-office systems with over 11,000 banks in more than 140 countries. Today, large multinational organizations are commonly using a variety of ERP systems and financial institutions across their global landscape, and in such circumstances, they have begun to rely on solutions like TIS to simplify the transmission of data, information, and funds across their network. Now, with client transaction volumes at more than $2 trillion+ annually and over 65,000 connected client bank accounts, TIS has become an industry leader in helping multinational firms simplify their global payments and cash functions and streamline their complex bank connectivity protocols.

In conjunction with TIS’ efforts in this regard, Hana Bank recently launched their H2H-type cash management service, which serves as an entirely new offering in the Korean banking sector that provides enhanced technical capabilities to quickly connect with SaaS (Softwareas-a-Service) companies. To date, Hana Bank is the largest provider of FX products in South Korea and has continued to expand their global reach by developing a new suite of digital banking and payment products. With the initial release of their cash management solution achieving widespread success, Hana Bank is now expanding the scale of the offering by partnering with global, SaaS-based payments and liquidity providers like TIS.

As a result of their co-signed MOU, TIS and Hana Bank are expected to begin collaborating with multinational companies operating in Korea to strengthen the technical integrations and digital banking services available within the market. The MOU is also intended to foster close-knit engagement between Hana Bank and TIS for developing streamlined connectivity solutions that organizations operating within the APAC region can quickly and easily utilize.

Sung Young-Soo, the deputy president leading Hana Bank’s Corporate Investment Banking Group, said, “We plan to establish a strong cooperative relationship with TIS in an effort to revolutionize the global banking and digital services landscape in Korea. Through the efforts, we will raise our bank’s awareness in the global market and improve our competitiveness.”

Joerg Wiemer, CSO and Co-founder of TIS, echoed these sentiments by saying, “Both TIS and Hana Bank are industry leaders in the realm of connectivity and payments, and our collaboration moving forward will further strengthen our ability to provide innovative and effective cash and transaction management software, both in the Korean market and globally.”

For more information about this announcement and the impact that collaboration between Hana Bank and TIS will have on multinational organizations, visit our company websites or reach out to the appropriate press contacts below.

About Hana Bank: Hana Bank, the flagship of Hana Financial Group, is Korea’s most global bank with an extensive international network of 213 locations in 25 countries. Hana Bank is committed to customer satisfaction and happiness, providing a comprehensive range of financial products and services for each stage of life for corporate, international, and retail banking. Hana Bank is the market leader for foreign exchange and trade finance in Korea, and is internationally recognized for providing excellent service and customized solutions to foreign investors and foreign-invested corporate clients, supporting their growth and success in the Korean market. Learn more at

About TIS: TIS is reimagining the world of enterprise payments through a cloud-based platform uniquely designed to help global organizations optimize outbound payments. Corporations, banks, and business vendors leverage TIS to transform how they connect global accounts, collaborate on payment processes, execute outbound payments, analyze cash flow and compliance data, and improve critical outbound payment functions. The TIS corporate payments technology platform helps businesses improve operational efficiency, lower risk, manage liquidity, gain a strategic advantage, and ultimately achieve enterprise payment optimization. Visit us for more information at

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