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Understanding APIs In Treasury – What are APIs, how do they work, and what is their benefit to Treasury?

Although Fintech solutions have come a long way in a relatively short time frame, there is still tremendous upside for APIs and other programming applications to improve the industry.

While perfecting the API logic behind complex financial integrations has taken time, there has been significant progress achieved over the past decade. Today, APIs are providing real-time control over numerous cross-platform functions. Now, as businesses increasingly transition to cloud solutions and digital work environments, the use of APIs within treasury and finance is growing exponentially.

In this session, Jon Paquette, Head of Customer Success at TIS leads a discussion with a panel of experts that covers:

-What are APIs and why are they relevant in treasury?
-How are APIs being applied today to drive treasury automation?
-Which treasury functions are most impacted by APIs?

This session concludes with a Q&A session.

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