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Reviewing Key Challenges & Best Practices for International NGO Treasury Management in 2023

Compared to the treasury and finance operations at most corporates, the workflows and technologies used by non-profits and international non-governmental organizations (INGO’s) often have a distinct composition. Due to their cash and labor-intensive operations that are often located in underdeveloped countries, INGO treasury departments frequently end up facing more complexity than their corporate peers. Today, there are several core areas in which these complexities manifest themselves:

• Smaller Treasury Budget Results in Limited Staffing & Technology Spend
• Operations Occur in Areas with Complex Fraud & Compliance Concerns
• Unique Cash Flow Model & Technology Structure Creates Added Uncertainty
• Humanitarian Work Requires Payments & Banking in Hard-to-Connect Regions

This webinar features Stephen Zaubi, Director of Treasury at CARE USA, and Jon Paquette, VP Solutions at TIS as they discuss how these various challenges are impacting INGO treasury teams. Stephen and Jon also discuss the various solutions, workflows, and strategies that are being deployed by INGOs to navigate these challenges today.

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