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Reviewing Best Practices in Global Bank Connectivity & Payments Management

Regardless of a company’s industry or composition, one common challenge that most treasury and finance teams must eventually confront relates to their bank connectivity and payment processes.

In many cases, the use of numerous bank portals, messaging formats, payment methods, and back-office systems deployed by a company over time inevitably creates a complex web of underlying manual workflows. But given that treasury teams often rely on just a few individuals with limited bandwidth to handle these processes, there is a massive need for practitioners to develop unified and streamlined workflows that drive optimization on a global scale.

That’s where TIS comes into play.

This webinar, co-hosted by TIS Co-Founder Jorg Wiemer and Director of Customer Success Kevin Rice, showcases how the TIS platform serves as a unified hub for connecting with every bank and account leveraged by a company. This global connectivity hub ultimately enables treasury to manage the full scope of their payments and banking activity – including payments generated in other platforms or in any region, entity, currency, or channel – through a single solution and interface.

Practitioners who watch this session will gain:

· An understanding of how to address the primary pain points associated with treasury’s bank connectivity and payments functions,
· A firsthand look at how the TIS platform enables treasury and finance professionals to optimize bank connectivity and payments management on a global scale, and
· Tips and tricks for managing ongoing evolution within the bank connectivity and payments arena over time.

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