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Payment Infrastructures in 2024: Trends & Technologies for Corporate Treasurers

February 27, 2024

February 27th, 10:30AM CET

As we begin 2024, countless treasury and finance teams are busy launching new initiatives to optimise their technological and operational capabilities. What can we look forward to in terms of payments and treasury trends in 2024?

treasuryXL and Treasury Intelligence Solutions (TIS) are pleased to invite you to the upcoming 45-minute live session. This engaging session will delve into the thought leadership that defines the payments and treasury trends of 2024.

The event will feature a panel of expert industry leaders: Joerg Wiemer | Co-Founder & CSO at TIS Huw Richards | Managing Partner at Bridge Insight Bart Hendriks | Group Treasurer at Neways Electronics International NV Pieter de Kiewit, treasuryXL ambassador and Managing Director of Treasurer Search, will be the moderator, guiding the discussion on the following topics:

• Global Shifts in Payment Infrastructures: Treasurers are confronted with shifts in payment infrastructures. Our experts will discuss the emerging trends and technologies of today.

• Digital Transformation in Treasury Management: The digital revolution is transforming the way treasurers manage their responsibilities. We will spotlight key technological advancements that are reshaping treasury management practices.

• Strategies for Mitigating Rising Banking Fees: While not the primary focus, we will touch upon the pressing issue of rising banking fees in 2024.

Understanding how to optimize banking relationships is crucial for maintaining financial health. Join us for an insightful exploration of these topics, specifically for corporate treasurers and members of the CFO team. This live session is aimed at providing you with the knowledge and foresight to proactively address the changing payments and treasury challenges.


February 2024

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