Mastering Global Complexity: The Art of Implementing a Payment Factory

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For multinational companies, a Payment Factory presents a great opportunity to enhance payment processes and simplify their global finance operations. However, the implementation of such a Payment Factory is a major Treasury transformation project, which includes a multitude of decisions to be made, stakeholders to be involved, and the selection of solution providers to support the journey during the implementation and beyond. The right decisions must be made from the outset to prevent delays or outcomes that fall short of expectations.

This webinar features Gabriele Calabro and Donato Semeraro, seasoned consultants at Deloitte, and Wouter de Bie, EVP Product & Customer Success at TIS, share their extensive experience in implementing Payment Factories for multinational companies. Gain valuable insights into the initial steps, strategies, key considerations, and common traps to avoid.

This webinar also discusses:

* Strategic approaches on how to implement a Payment Factory.

* Key considerations to ensure a successful treasury technology transformation.

* Common pitfalls and how to steer clear of them.

* Complexities and how to navigate and effectively manage them

* Timeframes and realistic expectations for the duration of such a transformation process.

* Lessons learned and insights derived from successful Payment Factory implementations. Don’t miss this opportunity to grasp the art of implementing a Payment Factory and to understand how you can enhance your organization’s global payments operations.


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