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Future-Proofing the Management of Large Data Volumes for Treasury & Finance Teams

When it comes to treasury and finance software, there are enormous challenges associated with managing the complex web of digital platforms and vast quantities of data that corporate operations require. To efficiently streamline and unify these ecosystems, creating scalable and secure data infrastructures that can accommodate long-term growth is key.

Today, TIS is actively addressing these challenges for clients within our own cloud-native software environment.

As of 2023, TIS supports connectivity to more than 65,000 client bank accounts, executes more than $2.5 trillion in annual payment volume, and is connected to more than 1,000 different ERP systems. And as system usage and data volume continue to grow, our software and IT teams must constantly evaluate new ways to expand the capabilities of the system without sacrificing components related to efficiency, security, or usability.

A recent example of our commitment to platform enhancement was showcased through the successful creation of our enterprise data-lake, made possible through a migration to Amazon Web Services (AWS). And over the past year, the migration of the TIS cloud platform has provided a whole new suite of possibilities for scaling our system, improving overall throughput, and expanding the volume of data we can handle for clients.

This webinar, co-hosted by TIS CTO Florian Gessner and VP of U.S. Solutions Jon Paquette:
· highlights how our data lake and software architecture have transformed the data computing and management capabilities for corporate treasury and finance teams
· demonstrates how our data management architecture provides maximum security, privacy, and compliance assurances without sacrificing any elements related to efficiency, scalability, or usability
· provides examples of how client operations are positively impacted by our improved data architecture and how these benefits manifest themselves in a user’s day-to-day.

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