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Emotional Intelligence: The Cornerstone of Effective Treasury Leadership

In the face of technological advancements like artificial intelligence and automation, the human element has never been more crucial in the Treasury function. Emotional Intelligence (EI), a vital human skill, is essential for developing a highly effective Treasury team that consistently delivers value to the business.

This session delves into the significance of EI in empowering Treasury leaders to make sound decisions under pressure, manage complex portfolios, and effectively lead cross-functional teams. EI serves as the cornerstone for team cohesion, enabling your team to perform at their best even in challenging circumstances. We’ll explore how EI drives motivation, fosters a positive work environment, and significantly boosts employee retention, all of which contribute to a more effective and efficient Treasury function. In the rapidly evolving Treasury landscape, EI is not just a desirable trait but also a crucial competency that will define the successful Treasury leaders of the future.

This session will equip you with the emotional tools needed to lead, inspire, and thrive in the modern Treasury environment.

Join Alexander Ilkun of Moody’s and host Jon Paquette as they evaluate this topic at length!

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