Combining Data, Technology, & Experience to Transform Treasury’s Cash Flow Forecasts  

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To develop effective cash forecasting workflows that address liquidity and working capital optimization on a global scale, treasury and finance teams must first streamline a series of core operational functions that are paramount to success. Today, these functions include:

  • Capturing, aggregating, and classifying financial data from internal departments, back-office systems, and entities in a timely and accurate fashion,
  • Collaborating with their peers in other departments and across their banking and vendor landscape to ensure cohesion in their data collection and management strategy, and
  • Strategically applying technology to evaluate their data and quickly gain the insights needed to optimize cash flows and liquidity on an ongoing basis.  

However, as many organizations continue to suffer from globally disparate data siloes that are exacerbated by a rapidly evolving business and technology landscape, treasury’s bandwidth can quickly be drained by manual efforts to refine their forecasting workflows. As a result, their forecasts never achieve the desired accuracy or timeliness, and the organization’s broader cash management strategies – including those undertaken by the CFO, AP, and FP&A – suffer as a result.

In order to help companies achieve the desired levels of automation and efficiency in their forecasting processes, TIS, Citi, and Unilever are hosting a webinar to demonstrate how modern treasury teams are applying best practices in data management, technology deployment, and financial analysis to transform their operations. This webinar will combine industry data and expertise from TIS and Citi with extensive real-world experiences from the treasury team at Unilever to highlight how the cash forecasting process is being approached by the industry’s top financial professionals in 2023.

By watching this webinar, practitioners will gain: 

  • A comprehensive look at panel data on 2023 forecasting operations by global treasury teams
  • An inside view of how high-profile, award-winning treasury teams at global companies manage the cash forecasting process today
  • A list of tips and helpful advice from seasoned practitioners with decades of experience in the industry on how to best manage the cash forecasting process, including in relation to data management, stakeholder collaboration, and technology deployment

This session’s speakers include:

  • Jon Paquette, VP U.S. Solutions, TIS
  • Duncan Cole, Head of Citi Treasury & Trade Solutions
  • Gerard Tuinenburg, Treasury Director of Systems, Innovations, & Transactional Banking at Unilever


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