TIS Partner Portal

TIS Partner Portal

Training Courses & Pricing

TIS offers a broad range of different Training Modules. All partners, whether they want to become a TIS Certified Partner or a TIS Certified Onboarding Partner, start the trainings process by signing our Partner Agreement.

Afterwards you have the choice how deep you want to dive into the TIS world.

In case you choose to become a TIS Certified Partner you need to attend the Base Module and Sales & PreSales Module. A final test is required which you need to pass. At least two TIS Certified Experts are required to carry the partner level. Once a year all TIS Certified Experts have to recertify.

To become a TIS Certified Onboarding Partner you have to run through 4 different steps to meet the requirements and gain the knowledge to grant access to the final Certification Course. By passing the exam an individual person is allowed to carry the title TIS Certified Professional. At least 3 TIS Certified Professionals are required to be named TIS Certified Onboarding Partner.

Once a year all TIS Certified Professionals have to recertify.

All requirements are described in detail in the TIS Partner Agreement.

The base module is the starting point of every partnership. This module includes all basic requirements a partner needs for a partnership with TIS. The first two pillars from Module 1 must be finalized before starting with another module. The overall aim is to get familiar with TIS and to build the contractual and organizational framework for a successful long term partnership. Before your training starts we will conduct a pre-qualification with you to measure the individual knowledge level.

The Sales & Pre-Sales Module enables our partners to sell the TIS solution in general. TIS uses the Gap Selling approach. We will train our partners on the same method in combination with our EPO positioning. In addition, we will provide our partners with numerous use cases and meaningful success stories to enable them to sell the TIS Saas Solution. The Module 2 will be concluded with a mandatory test.

The basic onboarding module provides an explicit understanding how TIS onboards clients. In addition, the participants get familiar with the TIS support structure and organization and will grant access to all documentation to provide customers with the best possible user experience.

The Expert Module basically enables participants to conduct TIS Onboarding Services independently. Therefore, TIS will provide Shadowing Services which is a crucial part of the entire training path. By this we help to transfer theoretical knowledge into practical use. In addition, it is highly recommended to run the first TIS shadowing project latest 6 months after having passed the certification exam.

Timetable & Pricing

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  • Get to know TIS
    Who is TIS? What is TIS doing? How we disrupt the market.
  • How to sell TIS
    EPO – Get the full story. Get to know your customers – identify current and future state. Identify the Gap – EPO Maturity Model. Use cases.
  • Understand Your Customer Landscape
    Understand customer requirements. Build an Implementation & Onboarding Framework.
  • Demo Training
    How to do a demo based on different use cases. Get familiar with your partner tenant & the Support Portal.
  • Kick-off & Project Management
    Introduction to Onboarding. Project Management. Work Shadowing Concept. First Live Demo. Handover of TIS tenant to partner.
  • Master Data
    Introduction to Master data. Master Data Identification. Definition of organizational structure in TIS. Master data management via User Interface and via Excel import/export. Inventory Process.
  • Workflows & Permissions
    Mapping of organizational roles to TIS defined roles. Assignment of TIS roles to users of the TIS platform. Definition of workflows and authorization. Administration module.
  • ERP Connection
    Connectivity Options. Payment File Specialties (SAP and Non-SAP). Statement File Specialties (SAP and Non-SAP). Overview: SAP Addon, SAP ByD, SAP S/4HANA Cloud Agent, vSFTP, RestAPI etc. Migration/ Go-Live Checklists. Best Practices.
  • Bank Connection
    Prepare bank-country-payment method overview. Bank Kick-Off Call arrangement. Contractual agreements. Bank connection configuration. Required testing activities. End-to-End testing. Different Bank Link options.

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Download Area

You can download the Partner Program as well as the template for deal registrations.

Partner Training

Get to know TIS

Welcome to the training! Get to know TIS and learn how we disrupt the market.

How to sell TIS – EPO Gap Selling

Get the full EPO Story, identify current and future state, identify the gap and hear use cases.

Understanding Your Customer Landscape

Get to know clients and their banking and ERP landscapes. Hear about the implementation and onboarding framework.

Demo Training

How to do a demo, how to use the partner tenant.

Onboarding – Kick Off

Dip into the TIS onboarding world.

Onboarding – Master Data

What are master data and how are they created and maintained?

Onboarding – Workflows & Permissions

Learn how you can set up workflows and permission processes.

Onboarding – ERP Connections

Hear about the different ways to connect ERPs to the TIS platform. And much more.

Onboarding – Bank Connection

How are banks connected to TIS? How do you deal with SWIFT? And much more.

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