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PayOptix Solution Overview

The TIS PayOptix Suite serves as a global hub for organizations to manage B2B payments through any method, currency, bank, channel, network, or financial messaging format.

Using TIS, businesses can connect to their banks via SWIFT, SFTP, EBICS, API, or any other method to deliver wires, checks, ACH, card or SEPA payments, and other preferred options. TIS also maintains compatibility with all messaging formats including ISO 20022, SWIFT MT, EDI, and regional or bank-specific proprietary structures to offer fully automated approval and execution workflows, including the straight-through-processing (STP) of data and information to and from any bank, ERP, or TMS.

In addition, clients can generate and execute payments directly within our platform while also supporting the pass-through of payments generated in other back-office systems for transmission to banks.  As a core component of these workflows, TIS offers total flexibility to assign custom user approval workflows and authorizations, and also provides real-time notifications and alerts for reviewing outstanding transactions and monitoring global activity.

Finally, included within these capabilities are a suite of domestic payment and FX payment orchestration tools that help improve the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of executing transactions within certain supplier networks or markets.

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