Meet Kevin Rice, Senior Customer Success Manager, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

“I enjoy the creativity of problem-solving and helping others. It gives me a genuine sense of job satisfaction.”

Kevin Rice joined TIS in 2020, with a degree in Business Administration and a background in treasury management in different sectors.

Always a strong advocate of the strategic deployment of technology within treasury functions, Kevin felt a role within the TIS Customer Success team would provide the perfect opportunity to develop and apply the knowledge he’d gained during his six-year career.

He describes the rewards and challenges of his change in career…

A different avenue in treasury technology

One of the biggest contrasts between my work here at TIS and my previous roles is that in treasury I always knew what shape the day would take and my responsibilities had become second nature.

In TIS, I work on multiple client implementations, from Asia Pacific to Europe to the Americas, and it’s harder to predict what the day will bring. But I like that; it’s very energizing, and I’ve already gained a unique perspective on different client companies across the globe.

It can certainly get hectic, but underlying everything we do is a clear roadmap leading to the successful implementation of TIS within the client organization.

Freeing clients’ time

One of the reasons I moved to TIS was because I’m passionate about technology and felt I would be able to relate to the ambitions clients have for their treasury.

If a client tells me they have to work weekends to keep on top of their workload, I understand their frustration and can say, “I used to experience your challenges and I know TIS will help”. You can see the relief on their faces. TIS eliminates time-consuming manual processes, so, in effect, automation gives them their life back, freeing time to spend with their family or on higher value work activities.

I enjoy the creativity of problem-solving and helping others. It gives me a genuine sense of job satisfaction.

Peace of mind

A project will be phased in a way that aligns with the client’s strategic goals. During the project lifecycle, we really get to know our client and become a trusted extension of their business. We liaise with their banking partners, and have to learn about their particular regulatory environment, connectivity protocols and so on.

It feels as if we’re part of their organization. Our efforts don’t go unnoticed by our clients, who are very appreciative.

Clients value the end-to-end support they have throughout the onboarding. They tell me it’s a big plus of choosing TIS and a huge comfort factor.

As a company, we’re committed to excellence. For me, this means I take a pride in delivering the best results in a timely manner. While the journey to the client’s full desired end state will take place in stages, we can also ensure they benefit from quick wins along the way. Clients are delighted to see things getting better and better with TIS, and there is a shared sense of achievement as we tick yet another milestone off the plan.

Winning hearts and minds

I’m also responsible for helping to engage the client’s end user community in the transformation TIS will enable, to listen to them and gain their acceptance. The goal is to empower the client’s team to become self-sufficient, with the assurance that support can always be made available from our dedicated support team.

Once again, I think this is where having been in their shoes gives me valuable insight. I can highlight from first-hand experience how TIS is going to make life easier and more productive.

Personally, I find it very rewarding to help users get their hands on the system for the first time and see them quickly becoming familiar with what it can do for them. Perhaps they’ve only used a specialist eBanking system in the past and now they are able to see everything treasury related in one place.

A great global team

While I mainly work one-to-one with the project manager on the client side, as part of the Customer Success team I have the backing of both my line manager and my colleagues across the world, so I’m never working in isolation. There’s a wealth of expertise and experience within TIS and everyone goes out of their way to assist. This means every client project benefits from our collective knowledge.

It’s typical of the open, supportive culture I’ve found at TIS since day one. Everyone is ready to lend a hand and keen to applaud one another’s successes, whether it’s a big sales win or the resolution of an issue.

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