Leading Practices for Enterprise Bank Connectivity in 2022

Watch the Full Webinar Recording Below:


  • Erol Bozak, CPO & Co-Founder, TIS
  • Jacques Yana, Director of PreSales Consulting EMEA, TIS
  • Jon Paquette, VP of U.S. Client Solutions, TIS

Summary: Over the past several years, the bank connectivity landscape has undergone significant transformation. From the global push towards ISO 20022 messaging standards to the growing prominence of APIs to facilitate real-time payments and reporting, treasury and finance teams are being faced with an entirely new set of connectivity protocols and best practices. But how does the growing prominence of these new technologies and standards compare with treasury’s connectivity practices of the past?

In our latest webinar, Erol Bozak, CPO and Co-Founder of TIS joins Jon Paquette, VP Solutions U.S. to discuss the implications of this shift in bank connectivity and highlight the ways that treasury groups can prepare for ongoing evolution in the field.


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