How TIS & Cashforce are Revolutionizing Global Liquidity Management

Learn how the new suite of capabilities developed by TIS and Cashforce (acquired by TIS in Q2 2022) eliminate many cash management and forecasting inefficiencies and ultimately enable companies to gain quick and accurate insights to their financial position based on reliable payments and liquidity data. 

TMANY: A Data-Driven Approach to Accurate Cash Forecasting

This session examines how data quality impacts the accuracy of cash forecasting, and how global liquidity management and cash forecasting workflows are being transformed through new-age data aggregation, analytics, and advanced AI / ML capabilities.

Stop the Madness: How Treasury Teams Can Finally End Their Reliance on E-Banking Portals & Excel Spreadsheets

Watch the full webinar recording below:  As scaling treasury teams look to upgrade their technology, banking, and payment structures, it’s common for those that have been relying primarily on Excel spreadsheets and e-banking portals to begin considering the use of more specialized solutions. However, one of the more frustrating realities about the treasury technology landscape … Continued

How a Shift in Treasury’s Operational Focus Can Drive Greater Strategic Value

Watch the full webinar recording below: Over the past few years, a combination of industry data and direct experience has shown that Treasury is becoming increasingly critical to the success of an organization. For practitioners, however, this has resulted in an ever-growing list of tasks and responsibilities that includes more frequent “real-time” C-level reporting, as … Continued

Reviewing Key Challenges & Best Practices for International NGO Treasury Management in 2023

Watch the full webinar recording below: Compared to the treasury and finance operations at most corporates, the workflows and technologies used by non-profits and international non-governmental organizations (INGO’s) often have a distinct composition. Due to their cash and labor-intensive operations that are often located in underdeveloped countries, INGO treasury departments frequently end up facing more … Continued

Combining Data, Technology, & Experience to Transform Treasury’s Cash Flow Forecasts  

Watch the full webinar recording below:  To develop effective cash forecasting workflows that address liquidity and working capital optimization on a global scale, treasury and finance teams must first streamline a series of core operational functions that are paramount to success. Today, these functions include: However, as many organizations continue to suffer from globally disparate … Continued